Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile Home Park, Montreuil, France

1)  Why should I buy a property from Mobile Homes Abroad Ltd / Caravans in the Sun?

No pressure sales

No obligation to buy

Viewing trips available


2)  What does a viewing trip include?

Viewing of development at your leisure + tour of local area


3)  How much deposit is required?

10% deposit secures your mobile home. For special offers, remaining balance due 28 days from invoice date.

Part exchanges may be considered. Email for further details


4)  Do I lose my deposit?

Your deposit will be refunded in full once we have re-sold your reserved mobile home and/or plot, less any expenses that may be incurred by ourselves.


5)  What is included in the price?

Furnished mobile home sited and connected on to your own plot.

5a) Are there any additional fees to pay


Annual plot fee which in 2017 is from 2400€


6)  What are the running costs?

Annual plot fee from 2400€ (For holiday usage - up to 200 days per year). For usage over 200 days and up to 330 days the annual plot fee = 3,200€

Electricity on a meter, billed on consumption = 0.16€ / kwh Spring and Summer, 0.24€ / kwh Autumn and Winter.

Water = Free

Gas = Bottled (29€)

WiFi (Where available) = Free


7)  What are the plot sizes?

Plots are generously sized at 150m².


8)  How long can I keep my mobile home on site for?

As long as required, condition of mobile home and plot must be well maintained.


9)  Can I sell or rent my mobile home if required?

Yes, we can advertise your mobile home for sale on our website, please click here to view our charges and the mobile home resale service. Owners may rent their mobile home out for 28 days per year for no added charge or commission.


10)  What facilities are available on site?

3.5 hectares of free fishing lakes with the largest totalling 1 hectare including carp and perch etc. Bar, children's play area. Coming soon - A heated swimming pool and free WIFI access for the whole campsite.


11)  What facilities are nearby?

Shop within walking distance, bars, restaurants, museums, golf course, waterpark, cycling/walking paths, horse riding, surfing, sailing, yachting, tennis, archery and more.


12)  Would I need to hire a car whilst over there?

A car is advised, the shop is within walking distance but the coast is 15 minutes' drive away. The channel tunnel and ferry port of Calais are 40 minutes drive away but it is possible to get the train from Calais-Frethun to Montreuil-sur-Mer where there is a regular bus service which runs locally to the park.


13)  How far are the nearest golf courses and beaches situated?

La Mer Golf Course at Le Touquet is 15 minutes' drive away in. The nearest beach is again approximately 15 minutes' drive away at Le Touquet.


14)  How far is the site from the nearest airport?

Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes from Lille airport, our site is best reached by car from the channel tunnel or ferry port of Calais.


15)  What is the weather like?

Nord Pas de Calais, a region located in the North of France, is renowned for its cool temperatures all year long especially during winter months, and its pleasant weather in summer, benefiting from 1,600 sunshine hours a year. Most people may think that the rainfall is endless in this region; it actually rains less in the North than it does in the South during the year.


16)  Are pets allowed on site?

Yes, pets are more than welcome.

Click here for more information on taking pets abroad.


17)  How long is the site open for and how long can I stay here for?

The park is open for 11 months of the year but owners have access for the full 12 months of the year so you may visit and stay here for as long as you wish.


18) Does all work on plots have to be done by site owners?

Residents may do their own garden and construct their own shed but with prior approval with the site owners, alternatively the site can provide this service.