About Us

Caravans In the Sun / Mobile Homes Abroad Ltd.

Caravans in the Sun started in business purely by accident many years ago when two of our founder directors, William and Sue, were looking to purchase a holiday apartment in the sun so they could find a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday busy business lifestyle and spend a few days away on a regular basis in the sun.

After a couple of years of visiting many developments around Europe and weighing up the substantial costs involved they encountered considerable difficulties in finding their dream home in the sun. Every time they found the perfect location the cost was always in excess of what they were prepared to pay or more importantly had been quoted on the phone. This was happening on more and more of their trips. Everything looked good before they went on the trip but when they went to view there were always hidden costs. The price they expected to pay was always more than the advertised price and the smart sales staff had their own way of trying to apply pressures to get them to commit to a purchase.

On one of their trips, as they were leaving the beach to return to the hotel for dinner, Sue noticed an old battered caravan in a field and said “that’s what we need” and so we began the journey into the caravan industry.

On returning to the UK William started to look at the possibility of purchasing a mobile home. He contacted a few friends in the caravan industry and asked them for their advice. As William and Sue were newcomers to the idea of a mobile home it was suggested that they consider the economy end of the market and purchase a pre owned mobile home – if they enjoyed the lifestyle they could easily upgrade at a later date.

William and Sue took the advice and set off in search of their first mobile home and viewed a BK Bluebird located on a mobile home site in the Vendee, western France.

The mobile home was ideal – it had a lounge with dining area, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. William and Sue stayed in another mobile home on the site for 2 nights so that they could experience the lifestyle and enjoy the “feel” of the site and surroundings. (NB – this was the first “Try before you Buy” – Mobile Homes Abroad Limited now has mobile homes available on most sites and parks so that customers can “test drive” the lifestyle and area for a couple of nights).

The purchase of the mobile home was completed smoothly and swiftly but instead of buying one mobile home – William and Sue bought two! The two mobile homes were moved to a small site up the road and advertised for rent for the summer. This was the start of a new and exciting business opportunity that was named European Vacations, ‘aeuropeanvacation.co.uk’, to date the company still do a few rentals but most of our company mobile homes are rented direct to the campsite owners who rent through their own campsites and websites.

William and Sue spent many happy holidays in these mobile homes over the years and as they got to know their holiday customers they were constantly being asked by them if they could purchase a mobile home sited in France. At first the answer was “no – sorry we are not able to do this” but as time went on more and more customers were asking to purchase a sited mobile home.

William then started approaching local sites and parks in the Vendee to see if they would be interested in a contract agreement for William and Sue to sell mobile homes on them. The first 4 or 5 sites approached were not interested but finally there came a breakthrough – a site owner was prepared to reserve a number of plots for sales if the ground rents were paid in advance for the next 12 months. William and Sue then signed up for the 20 or so plots they had reserved and the selling of mobile homes began.

Investment owners Ian and Jayne who had a few years earlier purchased six mobile homes from the company to join and expand the rental side of the business enquired if they could become involved in the new business of selling mobile homes. It was agreed that Ian and Jayne would join the new company – Mobile Homes Abroad Limited – as directors.

The Company has expanded many times over the years – inspired by customers asking for new destinations – currently we have mobile home parks on Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Tenerife and on the Greek islands of Zante and Crete.

To date the company still has its four founder directors, but as the business has grown it has added office and administration staff as well as customer service teams all over Europe.

In the future Mobile Homes Abroad Limited is planning to purchase its own parks throughout Europe whilst continuing to be the UK’s premier supplier for caravans and mobile homes in the sun.

Mobile Homes Abroad Limited and Caravans in the Sun will strive to remain the family orientated company that cares – the sound basis of all our achievements. We use no hard sales tactics and will remain just a good honest company who will look after its customers for many years to come.