6 signs that you’re ready to relocate abroad

6 Signs That You're Ready To Relocate Abroad

Have you dreamed of making a life in another country? For most of us, those dreams remain unfulfilled as we choose a family and career over making a big leap. Suddenly, we feel we’re getting too old to try something new. Time may be short, but it’s never too late to take the plunge and make the move.

Ready to try relocating abroad? Here’s how you’ll know when you’re ready to go.

There’s an itch you just can’t scratch

When you’re on holiday, do you have an insatiable desire to see and do everything? Do you have a huge appetite for trying different foods? Do you want to experience different cultures and see the real country?

If your curiosity drives you to want to experience life from another perspective, then you’re ready to move beyond those holiday homes and make the move to another country.

You’re an adventure junkie

Your job is unfulfilling. You don’t want to look back on your life with regret. You’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and experience a real adventure in a new country.

If you want those new experiences that make you feel truly alive, then you’re ready for a move abroad. If you want to live that fuller and richer life that you’ve dreamed of, you need to start planning your move now.

You want to discover the real you

There’s nothing better than the ultimate challenge of moving abroad to help you discover who you really are. When you step away from everything familiar, you have the chance to reassess what’s truly important.

If you want to make the first step, why not look at static caravans in the country you want to move to? You’ll have a base from which to really get to know the culture, without spending too much of your relocation budget.

You don’t want to live with regrets

If you feel strongly that you’ll regret never trying to make the move abroad, it’s time to think seriously about the risk and the reward, and to balance the stress you feel now with the fulfillment of making the change. Long stay holiday homes are a great way to start experiencing a life with no regrets, to find out if it really is for you.

It’s not about the money

If you’re serious about making the move, money doesn’t have to be an issue. Renting static caravans as a base is a good way to keep costs low, and eating, travelling and shopping like the locals will help you to stick to a budget. The trick is to be clear on your goals and then create a plan that won’t break the bank.

Because you’re worth it

Whether you look at relocating abroad as a permanent move or a prolonged break, there can be downsides. You may struggle financially or feel uneasy in your new home. You might feel homesick and hate the experience.

But the chances are you won’t. It’s likely that the opportunity to fulfil your lifelong dream will override any obstacles and you’ll find yourself meeting and overcoming challenges with ease. What matters is that you take control of your life and act on the opportunities that are out there.

If relocating abroad is the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, now’s the time!

What your annual ground rent covers

What Your Ground Rent Covers

Annual Ground Rent (Plot Fee)

The annual fee paid to the park owner is to cover the many costs incurred in order to keep the park and its facilities safely maintained for the benefit of park home owners and visitors. This includes not only the provision of water and mains drainage to each plot but also the maintenance of the grounds, roads, communal lighting and fire and security equipment – all at the required standards.

Facilities provided by the parks vary – your annual plot fee also includes the cost to maintain all of the outdoor and indoor leisure facilities. Outdoor facilities can include a swimming pool (some with a lifeguard during peak season), a jacuzzi, sports pitches for football, tennis, badminton, basketball, petanque and table tennis and most parks also have an outdoor play area for children. Indoor facilities can include a gym, club house, laundrette, play room or library.

All parks will have a reception area – the need for more staff will depend on whether or not the park has a bar, restaurant, take away or shop (many have all of these). Some parks also provide evening entertainment and run a Kid’s Club during the summer months. Most parks will also have the benefit of permanent staff so that you can visit your home at any time of the year.

There will be no local council tax to be paid on your home and many parks allow home owners to sublet – an opportunity to offset the additional income against part or all of the cost of the annual plot fee.

Summary of typical services included (vary for each park)


  • swimming pool

  • sports courts / leisure facilities

  • children’s play area

  • entertainment

  • reception service

Site maintenance

  • outdoor lighting

  • roads and access maintenance


  • refuse collection

  • site security


  • connection to drainage/sewerage

  • connection to water supply (Generally metered for usage so you only pay for what you use)

  • connection to electricity (Generally metered for usage so you only pay for what you use)