Cosalt Villanova Mobile Home Reserved

Cosalt Vilanova, France, Dordogne, Perigueux


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2003 Cosalt Vilanova resale mobile home in France, Dordogne, Perigueux

50/50 payments plans available – £12,995.00 or PAY ONLY £6,500 upfront to start using this home and take advantage of our fabulous interest-free 50/50 payment plan! Total amount payable = £13,245.00 – £6,500 (50%) upfront and then a further 36 monthly payments of £187.36 (Includes a one-off £250 set up fee) to complete your purchase.

Price includes 4.5m x 2.5m raised decking area with steps.

Size = 29ft x 10ft

Bedrooms = 2

Plot info: Ground rent from 1,800€ per annum (1st April – 1st November usage). 2,500€ per annum for 12 months usage. Plots approximately 100m²

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