Sell Your Mobile Home

Thank you for enquiring about our sales service, we aim to provide a stress free and time conscious solution to finding a buyer for your home.

The package that we offer includes the following:

  • Free valuation and advice service to ensure the home is the best position to attract a buyer
  • Transparent fixed fee service, no fee due until sale completion
  • Photographing the home and plot
  • Preparing the advert content/ description
  • Listing the home on a selection of carefully chosen websites, including our own
    to ensure maximum exposure
  • UK based sales team and onsite representative/sales team working to arrange client visits
  • Key holding to allow us to carryout accompanied client visits (owners not required to be present)
  • Negotiations (both buyer/seller)
  • Fund handling (both buyer/seller)
  • Relevant paperwork/ legalities (both buyer/seller)

To enable us to create an informative and attractive listing from the start, it is imperative that we collect as much information about the home and plot as we can. This helps the team promote your home both verbally and online in the best possible way to attract a buyer.

To get started and to accept a home for sale, both the home and the plot need to be in a clean, tidy condition and ready to be photographed and suitable to show clients. We recommend that only minimal personal items are displayed in the home during the period the home is up for sale. Unfortunately we don’t offer a
housekeeping service so it is important that the home and plot are regularly cleaned and maintained or arrangements are made to do so during the entire time the home is for sale. Homes that do fall below this
standard will be removed from our website until rectified.

Upon completion of a purchase, we offer a 3 month warranty to the buyer. Again it is detrimental to achieve a smooth sale that all major appliances and the heating systems are in a fully working order and good condition. We highly recommend that any faulty appliances are rectified or disposed of prior to placing the home up for sale.

For our service, our charges are as follows, please note park charges (if applicable) are additional to our agent costs:

Retail price of the home (total selling price)Our FeePark Charge
£0,000.00 - £19,995.00£2,495.00TBC
£20,000.00 - £29,995.00£2,995.00TBC
£30,000.00 - £39,995.00£3,495.00TBC
£40,000.00 +£3,995.00TBC
Platinum package*£500 additional to above fee£0
*Platinum package (additional £500) Included within this service is an amateur walk-around video of your home, addition of your home to a wider variety of property portals and 1 space as a ‘Featured property’ on the Caravans in the Sun website.