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Growing European optimism on travel in 2022

After a couple of years when most of us couldn’t go anywhere, the desire for travel is incredibly strong. Many thousands of people are desperate to leave their everyday lives and experience a change of scenery. Research has backed this up. A recent study has revealed that around two-thirds of Europeans are planning trips in 2022. Confidence in travel is returning!

One area that Britons have no doubt missed visiting is Tuscany. During successive lockdowns, thousands have dreamed of group holidays in a location such as Toscana holiday village on a budget-friendly break in a mobile home or caravan. It appears that there will be a steady number of Europeans travelling over the coming months. The travel industry has not seen this kind of faith and confidence in travel for a very long time.

As we begin to move into a relatively normal mode and start to travel again, some will no doubt opt to stay in hotels, others will go on group holidays or relax in a budget-friendly mobile home or caravan. There has never been a better time to own a mobile home or caravan as no bookings are required. With your own caravan, there is no uncertainly as to whether the accommodation will be available or not.

Most of the plans for travel are currently for relatively short trips, usually within Europe. There has been a surge of more than 40 per cent in plans for short journeys within Europe since late 2020. Italy remains one of the most popular destinations. It is likely that demand for budget-friendly group holidays will increase, particularly for mobile home or caravan based holidays or stays in resorts such as the Toscana holiday village.

Many travellers – nearly 20 per cent – are looking forward to a break in a new city. Figures also show that many would prefer to have a holiday by the sea. This increased interest in visiting other cities is a strong signal that travel patterns are returning to normal. As travelling becomes a part of life again, the number of spontaneous trips people take is expected to increase. As demand rises in summer and the peak months, there will be a number of significant advantages in owning a static caravan that can be visited whenever you wish.

Reflecting some residual caution, many travellers are planning shorter, budget-friendly journeys as the amount people are able to spend on short breaks appears to have decreased. During the pandemic, many carriers were grounded, but as airline schedules also return to normal, there is increased confidence in air travel. More than half of Europeans who have said that they are ready to travel are keen to do so by air. This is a sign of confidence returning to the travel sector and commercial airlines will be able to capitalise on this with more frequent and more convenient timetables.

Despite increased confidence in many forms of travel, many people are still concerned about Covid restrictions and the likelihood of cancellations or unforeseen changes to transportation or accommodation. Owning a caravan or a mobile home is not only budget-friendly but it means a great deal more freedom in being able to choose when and how you take your breaks.

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