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How do I become a Spanish resident?

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who own holiday homes in Spain, you’re probably still adjusting to the post-Brexit rules. As of 1st January when the UK officially became a ‘third country, you’re no longer able to come and go to Spain whenever you want. Instead, you’ll be limited to visiting for three months out of every six month period, and that includes visits to other countries in the EU.

If you don’t want to lose out on your rights to spend more than three months of the year in your holiday home, you need to register as a Spanish resident and receive your residency card. It’s not too complicated and if you own a home on our El Rocio, Marbella, Humilladero, Mazarrón, Peñíscola and Nules parks you’ll be able to live in Spain all year round. The good news is you can start the process right here in the UK, so read on to find out what you need to do to become a Spanish resident.

Step 1: Visit the Spanish Consulate website

Two types of residency are available for ex-pats – permanent or temporary. The most popular type of Visa for our clients is the Non – Lucrative Residence Visa (NLV) which permits holders to reside in Spain, non-working. The current Visa cost is £516.00.

– Permanent Spanish residents can live and work in Spain indefinitely – Permanent Residency is obtained after 5 years of temporary residency. There is also a list of requirements that you must meet to qualify, take a look at section 2.

– Temporary Spanish residents can remain in Spain for more than 90 days and less than five years without working.

Step 2: Start your application

The most popular visa is the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa (NLV). You’ll need to be able to prove your income and have medical insurance, plus be the holder of a full passport with at least one year of validity on the date you apply.

You’ll also need to show you have sufficient means to cover your accommodation and living expenses. This can be a combination of pension, savings and other income. You’ll need to have a household income of £2,259.60 per month plus £564.90 per family member. Property sale contracts and even cryptocurrency accounts may be accepted as proof of income.

You’ll also need:

– Form EX-01 – Non-Profit Temporary Residence Authorization Application Form – and Form 790-052 (Residency fee form). – Two copies of the visa application form. – A medical certificate (notarised). – Police clearance for the previous five years (notarised). – Proof of medical insurance – Documents proving that you have sufficient funds to live on. – Two passport photos Find more details HERE

Step 3: Book a Consulate appointment

Once you have all your paperwork in order, you’ll need to book an appointment at your nearest Consulate. These are located in London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Double-check you have everything you need so you don’t have a wasted journey. Once you’ve attended your appointment and submitted the visa fee payment, it can take 90 days to process your paperwork. You’ll then be notified to come and pick up your visa in person.

Step 4: Finish the process in sunny Spain!

Now you’ll need to book a flight to Spain within the validity period of your visa and complete the rest of the process in the sun! You’ll need to arrange an appointment to complete the residency process within 30 days of arrival. Some people prefer to let a lawyer sort out the arrangements.

Now all you need to do is wait for your temporary residency document! We hope this puts your mind at rest about what exactly you need to become a Spanish resident and helps you to enjoy your holiday home in beautiful sunny Spain whenever you wish.

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