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How Much Are Site Fees for a Static Caravan in Spain?

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Spain, a country known for its sun-kissed beaches, rich culture, and delightful cuisine, has become a popular destination for static caravans. A significant reason for this appeal is the competitive site fees that offer excellent value for money, especially when considering the sunny climate and various amenities on offer. If you’re contemplating setting up a static caravan in Spain with Caravans in the Sun, here’s what you need to know about the site fees for our parks.

Caravans in the Sun: A Spanish Adventure

We currently boast 12 beautiful parks across Spain. Each park provides a unique ambience, with a range of facilities and stunning surroundings. The annual site fees for these parks can vary, and so can the payment terms – from monthly, six-monthly, to annually. So actually how much are site fees for a static caravan in Spain?

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Breakdown of the annual site fees & operational months for static caravans in Spain.

Olvera: Open 12 months
Standard plot (60-70m2) – €3,270
Large plot (70-120m2) – €4,295

El Rocio: Open 12 months
Fees range from €3,360 to €5,400.

Marbella: Open 12 months
Small plots – €5,340.
Larger plots – €6,360.

Fuengirola: Open 12 months
Annual fee – €4,000.

Humilladero: Open 12 months
Regular plot – €3,060.
Large plot – €4,620.

Vélez-Málaga: Open 12 months
Annual fee – €3,720.

Torre del Mar: Open 12 months
Fees start at €5,280.

Peniscola: Open 12 months
Plot “PLUS” (Calle Aloe) – €3,360.
Plot “SUPERIOR” (Calle Buganvilla and Olivos) – €3,960.

Xàtiva: Open 12 months
Annual service fee – €2,915.

Nules: Open 12 months
Regular plot – €2,520.
Large plot – €3,740.
Double plot – €4,825.

Figueres: Open all year but can be used only for 9 months in total each year.
Annual fee – €2,860 (€2,600 + 10% tax).

Cadiz: Open 12 months
Annual fee – €4,200.

The most budget-friendly annual rate is offered by Xàtiva at €2,915, while the large plots in Humilladero take the top spot in pricing at €4,620.

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Experience Spain like Never Before

Beyond competitive site fees, Caravans in the Sun guarantees an unrivalled Spanish escapade. Proximity to key attractions, top-notch amenities like swimming pools, bars, and more, and a client-first approach ensures you receive unparalleled value. Flexible payment options—monthly, six-monthly, or annually—add another layer of convenience.

Embracing the static caravan lifestyle in Spain through Caravans in the Sun is more than a financial decision; it’s an entry ticket to Spain’s vibrant culture, natural beauty, and relaxed way of life. With parks available year-round and competitive site fees, the dream of a Spanish retreat is well within reach.

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If you would like to make your Spanish dreams a reality, contact our team for advice, viewing trips and more!

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