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Key considerations for buying a park home

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a mobile home or you’re thinking of relocating abroad, buying a park home is a great way to enjoy a new lifestyle in Europe.

Before you take the plunge and start enjoying life in your new luxury lodge, here are some key considerations to remember when buying your park home.

Be aware of how park homeownership works

Unlike bricks and mortar homes, you won’t own the land underneath your park home. Instead, you lease it from the park operator which can make obtaining a mortgage difficult.

One of the bonuses of buying a park home abroad is that the transaction and paperwork will all be done in the UK so if you need a loan there are specialists who can help with your finances. Buy through us and you’ll find we offer financing deals that help make your park home dream a reality.

Check park opening times

Don’t buy a park home you want to live in or access all year round without checking when your chosen park is open. Make sure you check all the paperwork thoroughly before you sign up.

What fees will I pay?

The fees you pay will depend on the location of the park you choose. For example, if you buy through us we have several new and used static caravans in parks with low service fees, making them a great choice for a budget holiday home or relocation.

Always check to see what’s included to make sure your park meets with your expectations. For example, are utilities included or any local taxes, or will you have to pay those fees separately?

Are you happy with the rules?

Selecting a park will depend on the locations you love whether that’s by a beach or near a bustling town. Our parks are located within easy reach of tourist attractions and transport so you can enjoy your holiday home whenever you have spare time to travel.

But before you take the plunge you’ll need to review the rules of the park. These can regulate everything from speed limits to noise restrictions and how you dispose of your rubbish. Along with the great facilities you can expect there will be rules about how and when you can use them.

It’s always worth double-checking if there’s anything that you think will get in the way of you enjoying your new park home, although most rules will simply be common sense.

What are the neighbours like?

One of the real pros of caravan ownership is buying a home located on a park with like-minded neighbours. Our European parks attract visitors from all over the world so you’ll meet global travellers who all love the luxury lodge lifestyle and want to make the most of it.

You’ll soon make new friends and a park home is a great way to dip your toe into enjoying another culture without the hassle of bricks and mortar.

Can I resell my park home?

Not only can you buy a wide range of makes and models both new and secondhand, but there’s also a booming market if you decide to sell and move on to another location. We’ll even handle the paperwork for you. To find out more about selling a park home visit our dedicated section here: https://www.caravansinthesun.com/resale-service/

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