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Caravans in the Sun have a dedicated sales team and a large database of customers wanting to purchase a mobile home in the sun. Our main aims are to match customers already on our database to the homes that come available and then to convert general phone and email enquiries into park visits / viewing trips. Sometimes the homes for sale don’t even make it on to our website; in a number of cases we can match the home for sale with a customer already on our database and complete a sale very quickly.

Caravans in the Sun have use one of the largest marketing budgets to help sell your home for you, we advertise on various online property portals, we are present at multiple exhibitions for both property and mobile homes, we have our very own Radio and TV adverts, even being featured on ‘Channel 4 – A Place in the Sun : Winter Sun’ and Channel 5’s ‘Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun’ – and we also advertise in relevant magazines and sporadically national newspapers. ‎All of the above will help to encourage potential customers to visit our parks and view your home. We aim to provide a stress free and time conscious solution to finding a buyer for your home or Lodge in the sun.

Services & Fees

Our website is highly ranked with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, it receives approximately 5 million page views each year and is consistently receiving more visits year on year averaging over 50,000 sessions per month. We also offer a ‘Freephone’ service for customers looking to buy in the UK and Europe to encourage them to contact us, this is in addition to our standard email service and new ‘Live Chat’ for instant responses during opening hours.

When you place your home up for sale with us our aim is to sell your home with limited input required from the owner. By fully completing our resale contract we collect the majority of the information needed to enable us to deal with the majority of enquiries, we may only need to contact you from time to time. You will have a dedicated staff member who will look after your account, make any changes you require, suggest ways to encourage a sale and be available for any updates you would like.

Our Sales Process

Preparing the home for sale

To enable the team to create an informative and attractive listing, it is imperative that we collect as much information about the home and plot as we can. This will help the team to promote the home and attract a buyer.

  • All aspects of the home must be in good repair and in a saleable condition.
  • The home is required to be clean, tidy and in a condition to photograph and show clients.
  • Major appliances within the home are considered to be in good working order and advertised this way, if not otherwise stated on this form by the seller. Remedial/repair work will be carried out at the sellers cost.
  • We recommend that only minimal personal items are displayed in the home during the period the home is up for sale.
  • This is the owner’s legal responsibility to ensure the gas certification, extinguisher certificate and cylinder hoses/connectors are within date. Please submit a current gas certificate with the contract.
  • Most buyers wish to take ownership of the home within 30 days of placing the deposit, we recommend all owners who wouldn’t be able to remove their possessions at short notice, do so before placing the home for sale.
  • A key must be made available in reception for the company representatives at all times.
  • As part of the package we oversee the strategic advertising of the home. For this reason and the overall ambiance of the park, we don’t permit for sale signs within the home or plot.
  • It is mandatory that all clients use the Caravans in the sun sales service. This is to ensure that the homes are sold in a safe, legal state, free of debt and allows us to have control over potential buyers wishing to move to the park.
  • The contract is non-transferable under any circumstances. A plot contract will not be offered to clients selling or buying privately, outside of the sales system. Any home sold privately will be expected to vacate the plot prior to sale completion.
  • As part of the sales service we will accompany prospective buyers during each visit. It is not permitted for owners to carry out private visits while contracted to our service.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our service at any time.

The contract and agreed figures are confidential between the company, client and the site office. This contract must be completed in full and returned directly to the park sales office or via email to the Caravans in the Sun representative.

During the period a home is for sale

We strongly recommend no valuables are left within the home during the time the home is for sale.

During the period that the home is up for sale, and not occupied, we recommend that it is left in a ‘winterized’ state.

It is important that the home and plot are regularly cleaned and maintained during the time the home is for sale. Ongoing bills are required to be settled as per the park contract, until a sale has been concluded.

We kindly request that sellers respect the role of the sales team. Please do not approach the team or a prospective buyer to offer your home directly. The clients on park are a guest of Caravans in the Sun and will be viewing a range of homes to suit their requirements previously requested. If the home falls within this criteria, it will be included within the itinerary and shown to the client.

We have the right to cancel the contract of any seller who we deem to have interfered with our sales service.

Sale completion

As part of the negotiation with a buyer we will establish a completion date. This ensures you’ll be aware of the estimated time scale to completion and receiving your bank transfer to complete the sale.

Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in your contract being cancelled, and a charge for our time will be issued to the owner.


For this service, our charges are as follows. Please note park charges (if applicable) are additional to this cost, please ask for further information.

For our service, our charges are as follows, please note park charges (if applicable) are additional to our agent costs:

Retail price of the home (total selling price)Our FeePark Charge
£0,000.00 – £9,995.00£2,495.00TBC
£10,000.00 – £19,995.00£2,995.00TBC
£20,000.00 – £29,995.00£3,495.00TBC
£30,000 – £39,995£3,995.00TBC
£40,000 – £49,995£4,495.00TBC
£50,000 +£4,995.00TBC
Platinum package*£995 additional to above feeTBC

Example fee structure for an average-priced resale home on a Spanish park:

Sell price total = £31,995
Park Charge = €1000 plus local IVA/VAT (Example @21%) = 1,210€ / 1.15 = £1,052.17
Caravans in the Sun resale charge = £3,995
IVA payable = £953.68
Amount returnable to seller = £26,994.15 

We also offer a platinum package for an additional £995 to the fees listed above.

Included within this service is an amateur walk-around video of your home, addition of your home to a wider variety of property portals and 1 space as a ‘Featured property’ on the Caravans in the Sun website.

Please note: Our selling commission is the same across all of our countries / destinations but French TVA or Spanish IVA etc. and park charges may vary in different countries and parks.