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Things to do in Marbella Spain

Marbella Buganvilla Beach 10 Minutes WalkMarbella is a gorgeous sun-soaked city in Spain located on the coast between Malaga and Gibraltar. It’s a fabulous place to have a holiday and if you have a mobile home, it’s a wonderful spot to locate it because you’ll want to return again and again.If you fancy a touch of glamour French Riviera style but located in Spain, then this city will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. There is picturesque history, sweeping views of the sea, great beaches and of course the incredible food that Spain is rightly celebrated for. The old town has delightful small streets that are perfect for exploring on foot while admiring the charming pastel-coloured buildings and perhaps stopping off at a café or a plaza for coffee or a refreshing drink. Terracotta features prominently in the architecture here and some of the buildings were constructed during the Renaissance.Near the old town, you’ll find inviting Alameda Park, where lush foliage and sparkling fountains combine to create an atmosphere of cool and relaxing greenery. The park offers walkways paved with marble and many places to sit and enjoy the sun, including benches decorated with traditional tiles that are painted with scenes from Andalusian history known as azulegos.Marbella also boasts a range of monuments and attractions for tourists. These include the Iglesia de Encarnacion, which is one of the main landmarks in the city and is a splendid baroque church that was finished in the 18th century. If you’re interested in engraving, there’s also a museum devoted to this. It’s the only one focusing on engraving in the whole of Spain and is housed in a 16th-century Moorish palace in the old town which is probably worth a visit in itself. If you’re interested in art, you will find works by Miro, Picasso and Goya, all of whom are art globally renowned.Of course, beaches are a major attraction in Marbella and the 20 you’ll find here are probably reason enough to want to get a mobile home in this city. The beaches are sandy and feature great facilities such as lifeguards and beach bars.Marbella also houses a marina, should be you interested in boating, and there is an attractive pedestrianised thoroughfare called the Avenida del Mar that is a lovely stroll between Alameda Park and the Playa de la Venus located right next to the marina. While walking along the Avenida, you can enjoy the majestic palm trees, shopping, the bars and public art including a sculpture by the famous surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali.If you want to see where the wealthy play on their yachts or visit glossy restaurants, then a trip to nearby Puerto Banus could be fun. This is where the wealth in the area is on display, so there will be opportunities for people watching, and exploring luxurious boutiques and plenty of classic cars to admire, along with fine dining options.For more outdoorsy options, there is a selection of golf courses. For a combination of terrific facilities and fantastic weather, Marbella is spectacular and for the golfing enthusiast, a mobile home that you can visit whenever you fancy for a round on one of the courses here is undoubtedly hard to resist. There is a course for beginners and courses that cater to more seasoned players too.Naturally, being by the sea, there are ample opportunities for getting out on the water with yachts, jet skis, or to enjoy some parasailing or even powerboating. If you’re there with a group, you may find chartering a yacht for the day with its own crew is quite affordable and then you can sail up and down the coast stopping off at glamorous beach clubs whenever you feel like it for a great day out.There is much to see and enjoy in Marbella and it is a superb location for a mobile home you’ll want to visit and share with your friends. If you need any information about how to get your own mobile home in this fabulous city, we can provide all the help you need.Keep up with our latest news, live videos, available mobile home and more over on our Facebook page

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