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Things to do in Torre del Mar

With its sun, inviting beaches and wonderful food, southern Spain has long been attractive to tourists and travellers. Torre del Mar is a charming seaside community with a fabulous beach that is a short distance from the vibrant provincial capital, Malaga. This area is an amazing destination for anyone in the region, but it is particularly attractive if you own a caravan or a mobile home. This is because it also offers an attractive and well-equipped park which is right on the beach and also has fantastic travel links to all the local attractions in the area. This thriving community has long been a favourite holiday destination of the Spanish and is somewhat of an undiscovered gem outside the country even though it occupies a prime position on the Costa del Sol

For those who love a wide-open sandy beach, Torre del Mar will be a form of Spanish paradise. For anyone thinking of buying a seaside mobile home or caravan, it would be difficult to think of a better place to locate it. Visitors to this delightful area who love the beach can enjoy the Playa de Torre del Mar and Playa de la Victoria. For those who like to enjoy their time by the sea au naturel, then there is also the nudist beach of Playa Naturista Almanat. If you have children who love the water but prefer to get their thrills from manmade attractions, then you would definitely want to plan a day out at the Aqua Velis Water Park, which is the largest to be found in the region of Axarquia.

Axarquia is a region east of Malaga which is famed for offering the best climate to be found anywhere in Europe with its always balmy sub-tropical atmosphere. Within the region of Axarquia, there is superb tapas to be eaten, wines to be tasted and nature to be explored. Plus, there is always a fiesta or a festival to be enjoyed at one of the hundreds of picturesque villages you’ll find in this culturally rich area.

The appealing city of Malaga is also close by with its shopping, great places to eat and intriguing array of museums. Malaga has been repositioning itself as a city with a lot to offer culturally and has many festivals and art galleries.

But even just remaining by the sea in Torre del Mar offers a great deal for the visitor. There is an inviting promenade along the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean, and this promenade is divided into two sections, the Paseo Maritimo de Levante and the Paseo Maritimo de Poniente. Torre del Mar is a natural port and when the Moors occupied the area around a thousand years ago, they built a fort here to defend this section of coast. Technically, it is really the coastal extension of Velez-Malaga, which contributes to its relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Just 5km away you will find the capital of Axarquia, called Velez-Malaga. A trip to Velez-Malaga is definitely worthwhile for the shopping, together with a variety of tourist attractions. There is a market held once a week on a Thursday where you will find a huge range of delicious fresh local produce. Depending on the kitchen facilities in your caravan or mobile home, visiting the market could be a great opportunity to buy ingredients to make some local specialities for yourself, or even invite some new friends around for a meal.

While you’re in Velez-Malaga, you’ll definitely want to visit the Palacio del Marques de Beniel, which features the grand architecture of the late Renaissance Mudęjar era. The stairwell features impressive panelling and it is the most architecturally significant building in the town. Constructed in the 17th century, it has been used as law courts and in the 20th century was also the town hall.

The Camarin de la Virgen de la Piedad, or the Chapel of the Virgin of Piety, is another impressive part of the local religious heritage.

Roman Catholicism has played a role in shaping the culture of this seaside destination, and during Holy Week, or Santa Semana, there will be a rich display of Easter events, including the Way of the Cross, Domingo de Ramos for Palm Sunday and Domingo de Resurreccion or the Easter Sunday celebration which brings everyone out on to the streets. At other times of the year, there are an array of religious-themed events such as the Fiesta del Carmen.

Another fantastic feature of Torre del Mar is the incredible seafood, a superb choice of restaurants and a huge selection of local delicacies to try, along with the wines and sherries made locally from sun-ripened grapes. The bars will also offer tapas – the small plates that Spaniards love to accompany a drink in the early part of the evening.

When it comes to a place in the sun for a caravan or mobile home, Torre del Mar is an exceptional choice. Whether it is local culture, exquisite food and wine, a legendary climate or instant access to a breathtaking beach, this coastal community has it all.


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