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Why Toscana is the perfect place for budget friendly group holidays!

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Italy is a wonderful country and Toscana in particular is a region that offers so much to visitors is an exciting destination for budget-friendly group holidays, especially if you are staying in a static caravan or a mobile home.

Known for its delightful scenery, rich culture and an abundance of divine eating, choosing a budget-friendly holiday in a Toscana holiday village is an excellent option for a break. Italians are devoted to the pleasure of fine food, and in a Toscana holiday village, you are sure to have excellent meals along with all the other facilities a complex like this offers.

There are many activities you can do on group holidays in Toscana, or when holidaying in a static caravan or a mobile home. Walking is very popular, as the weather is inviting and the undulating landscape is perfect for gentle exploring – and to work up an appetite. Walking is extremely budget-friendly and easy to organise when on group holidays.

Toscana is home to many beautiful villages and hilltop towns which are charming at any time of year. This is another great activity on group holidays, as once you arrive, everyone can easily do what interests them most, whether that is exploring, enjoying an espresso at a café or wandering through the shops and local markets.

Florence and its galleries and museums are timeless attractions in Toscana, and visiting this unique city of medieval buildings and cobblestones can be budget-friendly. Visit Florence on a day trip from your Toscana holiday village, mobile home or static caravan and absorb the culture.

Lucca is another gorgeous town in Toscana that offers atmospheric streets, churches and piazzas that are perfect for budget-friendly excursions or group holidays. You could even hire a local guide on a day visit to take you on a walk to make sure you fit in all the sights. A good guide can probably suggest local family restaurants that give good value.

Of course, if you are staying in a mobile home or a static caravan, then you can do your own catering and this is a pleasure in Toscana too. The shops and markets are full of delicious fresh produce that can be prepared as local dishes or the way you prefer. Italian cooking doesn’t use lots of spices and it’s not always easy to buy these, especially in the countryside. So, if you want to eat curries or hot stir-fries during your mobile homestay in Toscana, it might be a good idea to bring the spices you enjoy most with you.

Biking is another wonderful way of enjoying the Toscana scenery and moving between villages. This activity is easy to organise, budget-friendly and also great exercise when on group holidays. When you reach a town you like you can stop for a coffee or a drink.

Toscana is a part of Italy that attracts many tourists and deservedly so. While a break there can be expensive, there are options that are budget-friendly, especially if you stay in a mobile home or even have your own static caravan in the area. If you need tips or suggestions to help your holiday dreams come true, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly team.

If you would like to book a trip to Toscana Holiday Village, visit their website here: https://www.toscanavillage.com/camping/

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