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10 ways to make your mobile home a second home

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A mobile home or a static caravan is a wonderful way of having a guaranteed place to visit in a fabulous spot whenever you feel like it. One of the great benefits of a mobile home is being able to kit it out exactly the way you wish for the ultimate in individual comfort. If you are new to the static caravan lifestyle or have just purchased your first mobile home, then here are some of our top tips for making your mobile home a much-cherished home away from home.

1 The kitchen: In any home, the kitchen is usually the most valuable room, and kitting out your kitchen will probably require more of your budget than any other part. But it is well worth it, for the pleasure and usefulness of having a well-equipped area for preparing meals just the way you like them and taking advantage of the wonderful produce to be found in the local area. You’ll need pots and pans, crockery, glassware, cutlery, coffee mugs and serving utensils. You’ll need a fridge, a microwave, and a cooker, depending on the mobile home, though you may prefer to have a barbecue for outdoor grilling. If you are buying one of our brand new mobile homes, then you’ll be pleased to know that most of them have refrigerators, cookers and microwaves built-in.

2 Bedding: Good sleep is very important for health so make sure you have a quality mattress, sheets in breathable cotton and a variety of blankets and duvets so you’ll be warm whatever the weather. Don’t forget pillows either.

3 Lighting: Your new home will probably have lights built-in, but don’t forget lamps for a cosy atmosphere in the sitting room and for reading. You may need bedside lamps in the bedroom to add comfort.

4 Cleaning materials: You’ll want to keep your mobile home or static caravan tidy, so think about a bucket, dustpan, broom and vacuum cleaner for tidying up, along with microfibre cloths, sponges and either commercial cleaning products or more ecologically friendly choices such as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

5 Television: There will be evenings when you just want to relax, or maybe there will be a sports game or event on TV that can’t be missed, so you will probably want to identify a good spot to mount a flat-screen TV. You may be looking forward to relaxing in front of a big screen and large TVs can be quite weighty, so make sure there is a solid wall to attach it to. You can get brackets that allow the TV to be moved into different positions, depending on whether you’re watching alone or in a group, so that’s another factor to bear in mind when planning for convenience and comfort away from home.

6 Sofa: Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable sofa. A well-made, well-padded sofa is an excellent investment that you will enjoy every day. You might want to think about a sofa that can also convert into a bed to accommodate extra guests. Add attractive cushions and throws, and your sofa will not only be inviting but incredibly cosy as well. Many of our new mobile homes have stunning comfortable sofas so you don’t have to source them.

7 Barbecue: If you are located in a sunny spot, you will probably want to make the most of being outdoors and nothing says summer lifestyle like grilling delicious local food for your family and friends. Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes, are incredibly versatile and this is generally a healthy way of cooking, so it’s worth getting a great barbecue to complement your home away from home.

8 Security: If you leave expensive possessions in your caravan then you might want to think about fitting it with some kind of alarm or security cameras to protect your property. The extra peace of mind a security system will give you is another bonus, on top of the added protection for your items.

9 Moisture trap: No one likes a damp home and it can not only damage your property but encourage the growth of mould which can affect your health. If you will be leaving your second home unoccupied for some time, a moisture trap could be very helpful in capturing any dampness in the air, particularly in bathrooms.

10 First aid kit: Hopefully accidents will play no part in the happy times you will spend in your second home, but occasionally they do happen so it’s best to be prepared. Assemble a basic first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic, cream to soothe insect bites and maybe some paracetamol for headaches. You might also include some medication to alleviate hay fever, sun cream to treat sunburn and cough syrup in case anyone has a cold. This kit should be stored in a safe place away from children and out of sunlight.

Of course, how you furnish and accessorise your spot in the sun is totally up to you, and whatever makes you comfortable is probably a good choice.

Another factor you might want to bear in mind is insurance. A comprehensive policy can provide great peace of mind, and also help to protect you should something go wrong. Take a look at our dedicated page for insurance here: https://www.caravansinthesun.com/insurance/

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