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Adding an outside room to your mobile home with a porch

One of the best additions you can make to your mobile home is a porch. More than just somewhere to sit and sip a glass of wine when the sun goes down, a porch adds an entire outdoor room, giving you some incredible extra living space.
It’s easy enough to plan a deck, although you’re likely to need permission from your park management. Once you get the green light, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination – and your budget!
An open and shut case
The biggest design decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to leave your porch open to the elements or you intend to add some kind of roof. This doesn’t have to be a permanent structure; you could add an awning in the summer when you need the shade, or even a pergola that plants can scramble over for an attractive cottagey look. Perhaps you want to add some glazing so that you can use your outdoor room throughout the year.
For holiday homes abroad, the option of creating a roof makes a lot of sense as you’ll value the shade at the height of the summer. And when the weather turns miserable, you can still enjoy the view from your porch. But be warned, a conservatory-style glazed structure can get incredibly hot in the summer. Be prepared to add blinds or even consider a lightweight tiled roof.
You could also consider extending the roof to create a carport. And don’t forget the underside of your deck; this makes a great storage area for all your summer furniture and other seasonal gear.
Budgeting for materials
Once you’ve made your design decisions, you’ll need to set a budget. It’s advisable not to skimp on materials unless you want your deck to need major repairs within a few years. Always buy the best materials you can afford because cutting costs at this stage can be expensive in the long run.
Composite decking may be the most expensive option but it outlasts both hard and softwood decking and stays looking good without treatment for years. Hardwood is a longer lasting option than softwood such as pine but both will need treating to stay looking their best. And don’t forget to factor in the cost of fixings and creating a concrete foundation at least 12 inches thick.
Keep it safe
Whether you’re a young family or an older couple, there are some safety considerations you’ll need to take into account. You’ll need to create either steps or a ramp to the door of your home so the budget needs to include a sturdy grab rail and posts.
You might also want to consider fencing and safety gates for animals and young children. And always use a non-slip material to prevent accidents in the wet.
Get creative
It’s the finishing touches that give your deck personality and make it a defining feature of your holiday home. Decks are made for outdoor living and can really add value when it comes to those long lazy summer evenings.
Furniture and lighting are a must, so invest in some LED or solar powered lights to create the right atmosphere. Then kick back and relax in your new garden room!

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