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Caravan holidays in France this Christmas

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France is an incredible country to visit at any time of year, and Christmas offers its own special delights. The festive season is one of the peak times to travel and sometimes it can be difficult to secure the bookings you want tin December. If you own a mobile home or a caravan you will already know the ease and convenience of having your own base in France and being able to use it whenever you want.

Of course, December weather can be a bit chilly, but as the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing! So, invest in warm boots, a coat or possibly a waterproof jacket, an umbrella, gloves and a scarf and you’ll be ready to make the most of Christmas in France.

When you have your own caravan or mobile home, it’s easy to store your winter clothing and waterproofs, or anything else you need to be comfortable in December temperatures, in your home away from home. A break in France in December is not generally the time for sunbathing or on the beach. That said, France is a large country and temperatures in the south may be a little warmer and perfect for getting outdoors when dressed appropriately. Places such as St Tropez are still busy even in the middle of winter, and the days can be bright and clear and perfect for walks, with people watching and admiring the scenery. This can also be a great time for visiting popular places including Cannes, Nice or Monaco as you can enjoy the boulevards, cafes and views without the crowds of summer.

If you’re in Paris at Christmas then, you will be in for a treat with the City of Lights putting on some extra displays for the holidays. The department stores in Paris are always sumptuous and in December they are truly memorable. Take a stroll down majestic Boulevard Haussman to appreciate the beauty and grandeur that Paris does so well. If you enjoy winter sports, such as ice skating, then Paris also offers a number of rinks, usually found near the Hôtel de Ville, close to the Eiffel Tower and maybe in the Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre. It’s easy to check December activities when you are in Paris.

Elsewhere in France, you’ll find that the chateaux of the Loire Valley are beautifully decorated and lit up for the holidays. Lyon also hosts an important tradition with its Festival of Lights or Fetes des Lumieres. This festival dates back to the 19th century and if you visit during this time, you will that the streets are glowing from the candles that households put outside their windows. It’s an unforgettable sight.

Christmas also means shopping, and apart from the spectacular department stores in Paris, there are also Christmas markets in Alsace where there will be decorations, handicrafts and local delicacies to eat and drink. If you enjoy Nativity scenes, the Provence is the place to be as crèche de Noel will be on display at many churches and in public areas. The crèche de Noel can be quite stunning, with hundreds of figures all made by hand.

If you have your own mobile home or caravan in France then a break at the end of the year can be the perfect opportunity to see a different side of the French, although their amazing food and wine is impeccable at any time of year. In fact, when it’s colder, this is probably the perfect excuse to have another glass of wine and perhaps another slice of delicious cheese!

With your own caravan or mobile home, there will be no issues with bookings or planning ahead as you have all the convenience of popping over to your mobile home whenever you feel like it and perhaps bringing some friends along too. As you can fit out your caravan however you wish, you can be ready to host family and friends, stock up on wonderful things to eat and drink and enjoy every moment of this very special time of year in a fabulous place with all the comforts you could need.

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