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Ideas for landscaping around your mobile home

If you want to give your mobile home a unique look and feel, nothing beats landscaping. Unlike a brick and mortar home, you’re likely to have a smaller plot. Don’t let that stifle your creativity, but remember that you need planting and landscaping ideas that are minimal maintenance for a maximum wow.
Before you start
– Consider the climate: is your planting suitable for the environment and will it be easy to look after?
– Check the rules: are certain plants prohibited on your park or are there watering or other restrictions?
– Do you want to host parties or have somewhere for the kids to play? Be clear on your purpose and the design will follow.
Fake it
You might love the look of a real lawn, but they’re super high maintenance. Artificial grass has come on in leaps and bounds and is now so realistic, you’ll have to get up close to tell the difference. Buy the best quality you can afford and make sure you install it properly, then wave goodbye to the lawnmower.
Establish your boundaries
Landscaping the perimeter of your plot is a smart way to create a cohesive look. You could use a wood or metal trellis with low maintenance climbers like ivy or honeysuckle to create a quick and scented privacy screen. Or simply lay a ribbon of gravel and larger rocks to create a very zen-like and contemporary look. A pergola will give you somewhere shady to sit, as well as a place to show off a gorgeous wisteria or even a grapevine.
Add a water feature
Something as simple as a solar powered fountain can add peace and tranquility to your mobile home garden. Keep it even simpler with a birdbath and hang squirrel-proof bird feeders nearby for some natural charm. The trickle of water in a fountain is also a great way to mask sounds from the rest of the park or a nearby road.
Raise the level
Raised beds or containers are a brilliant choice for your deck and the rest of your plot. Ask your neighbours what grows well in the climate and seek out some beautiful locally-crafted pots to add colour and interest. Keep to a theme for a pulled together look – stick to all terracotta or all square pots, for example. A pair of pots either side of the front door always looks smart – and you can fake it again with UV resistant artificial boxwood trees.
Keep it in scale
Don’t dwarf your mobile home with oversized features or trees. Dwarf weeping varieties look beautiful, while shrubs are easy to keep trimmed back and can be used to attract birds and butterflies into the garden. When planting, keep the larger plots and plants closest to your mobile home for a layered look.
Beg or borrow
Landscaping your mobile home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Look out for pottery sales and bargain plants that just need a little TLC to revive them. If you spot a beautiful plant on another plot, don’t be afraid to ask for a cutting or a handful of seeds – it’s a great way to meet the neighbours!

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