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Make your caravan look luxurious with these low-cost designer hacks!

Does your home look shabby and definitely not chic? The same thing could be happening to your holiday home’s interior as fittings age and furniture goes out of style. But help is at hand. With these clever low-cost designer hacks, the most neglected caravans can start looking luxurious!

Pick your paint palette

It’s the easiest and quickest fix in the book, but if your interior is a riot of colour then a sophisticated neutral scheme adds the required feeling of luxury. Keep it light for a sense of space or create a glamorous and luxe feel with deep grey, blue or green walls.

A neutral scheme is also the best backdrop for accent colours and accessories that can add warmth in winter and freshness in summer.

Layer on the style

Cushions are another fast fix and they’re easy to make from affordable offcuts to give a bespoke look on a budget. Focus on texture and size and use softer accent colours such as a dusky pink or a soft lilac against your neutral backdrop. Add an oversized headboard to your bed and layer it up with bedspreads and throw cushions for that high-end boutique hotel look.

One trick is to overstuff your cushions by using a larger cushion pad. Hang your curtains from floor to ceiling and use sheer fabrics that feel expensive yet cosy. Add throws and curtains that work together but aren’t too closely matched; using the same colour everywhere can make your interiors feel flat and dull rather than rich and luxurious.

Upgrade your hardware

Nothing looks more tired than old taps and worn door handles. Upgrading your hardware is an affordable fix that can add a new lease of life to your bathroom and kitchen without major renovations.

Change your kitchen door handles for ones you love and visit the local DIY superstore for taps and shower fittings that bring some real style to your bathroom. Shop around on the internet for good deals on timeless classics that add real elegance but don’t break the bank.

Add luxury with accessories

The cheapest bunch of supermarket flowers can add luxury if you display them in a good vase. Car boots and charity shops are great places to find accessories that add more style than off the shelf pieces from your local home store.

But remember, clutter never looks chic so carefully select the objects you want to display for a pared-down and classic look. A good rule to follow is the rule of three, because objects look better when grouped in odd numbers. Arranging your accessories in a way that’s pleasing to the eye costs nothing but can give your home that designer look.

Keep it clean

You can paint, fluff, layer and upgrade as much as you like, but if static caravans aren’t kept clean, tidy and clutter-free they’ll never achieve that high end look you’re after.

When it comes to creating luxurious interiors, too much clutter looks cheap, whereas streamlined interiors not only look sophisticated but they’re proven to be better for your wellbeing. So having a good tidy and getting rid of any surplus items will help you achieve that luxury interior on a shoestring!

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