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Why Portugal?

Portugal Sunset

Imagine living in Portugal and enjoying a sunnier future. That’s the promise of relocating abroad to retire in this stunning country located on the Iberian peninsula.

There are plenty of compelling reasons to move to the sunshine capital of Europe. Read on for just a handful of reasons why relocating to Portugal could be the best way to retire.

Beautiful and affordable properties

From luxury lodges and mobile homes to retirement apartments, this is the country that has it all when it comes to finding a place to put down new roots. Whether you prefer to renovate a property or move straight in, property in this part of the world is beautiful and affordable, which means you’ll be able to own outright and not worry about the mortgage.

Value for money

Not only does owning your own holiday home represent incredible value for money, but the cost of living is also almost unbelievably low. If you’re planning to retire then being able to afford a great lifestyle on a smaller budget is undeniably appealing which means that you can move there and save big.

Great for your health

We all know that eating well and getting plenty of exercises is ideal for our health and wellbeing but that can seem like a chore when the sky is grey and you’re microwaving a ready meal. Imagine living in a country with the best climate in mainland Europe, where fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables are plentiful and affordable.

Even when you eat out the food is simply prepared with fresh salads abounding – it’s no surprise that the Portuguese have one of the highest life expectancies in Europe.

Incredible culture

This is a country with a long and impressive history and it takes its culture seriously. Listen to beautiful and historic Fado, a musical tradition steeped in melancholy and tradition and given world heritage status by UNESCO. Or visit one of the many sites of historical interest including beautiful castles, cathedrals and Roman buildings.

There are carnivals and festivals throughout the year including Carnival in February, which is a riot of song, dance and partying.

Stunning beaches

What could be better than getting your daily exercise with a stroll on the beach? Portugal has some of the most dramatic and beautiful coastlines in Europe. The best known are in the Algarve, but great beaches can be found throughout the country.

If you fancy taking up a new hobby in retirement, the coastline has a reputation as a surfer’s paradise with up to 15-foot swells and a friendly and inclusive culture – why not give it a go?

You won’t be thrown in at the deep end

One of the barriers to retiring abroad is learning a new language. And while we wouldn’t dissuade you from getting to grips with Portuguese, English is widely spoken and you’re likely to come across at least one or two of the 49,000 Brits who have made the country home.

No wonder there are high rates of satisfaction among retirees who say the country is safe, welcoming and has excellent digital connectivity and healthcare.

The perfect place to retire?

Warm, welcoming and highly affordable – if you’re looking to spend your retirement in the sun then why not enjoy the pros of caravan ownership as you settle into your new life?

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