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Visiting Portugal in April

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Portugal is a wonderful destination to visit with great beaches, scenery and wine. Whether you’re staying in a mobile home or a caravan, there is plenty to enjoy. If you’re visiting this delightful country during the month of April, however, here are a few tips for what to expect.

Portugal is blessed with a relatively mild winter, whilst summers can be quite hot. This means that the spring month of April falls into shoulder season which not only means that the weather will be pleasant but there could be some good deals available too. Plus, beaches and restaurants won’t be excessively crowded.

While it might rain occasionally, generally skies in this part of the world during April are blue and sunny and temperatures range from between 18 to 20 degrees during the day and may even rise to an appealing warm 25 degrees. These kinds of temperatures are perfect for walks and exploring cities. Clothes-wise, you may get by most of the time with comfortable shoes, jeans and t-shirts. Make sure you have a jumper and a rain jacket for those rare occasions when the temperature drops.

The Douro Valley and its historic city of Porto are wonderful places to visit during an April jaunt. The vineyards of Douro won’t be in full leaf; however, the weather may be better suited to wine and port tasting and you can cruise up and down the river and enjoy the scenery.

Other towns you might consider exploring include Obidos, Evora or Sintro. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is always worth visiting if you haven’t seen it. From bars and nightlife to atmospheric areas such as the Alfama, Lisbon has plenty to offer the visitor.
With moderate April temperatures, you’ll have energy to explore some of the country’s famous monasteries in the central region. These monasteries are architectural gems and full of history. Some worth putting on your itinerary include Fatima, Batalha and Tomar.

Portugal has many lovely parks and forested areas and April is an excellent time to visit these as they bloom into life after winter. The castles at Sintra are worth seeing and also have amazing gardens. The Bussaco National Forest is another stunning natural attraction that is perfect for roaming around in gentle spring weather. It is an ancient arboretum with a wall that is of historical significance and has been nominated to join UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The site covers more than 100 hectares and the wall around it is more than 5km long.

The advantages of visiting in April include fewer tourists, bargains, mild weather for exploring and plenty of flowers wherever you go, making it a particularly beautiful time to visit.

There are accommodation deals here during April, but people who own caravans here have the best deal on accommodation all year round. If you’re fortunate enough to have a mobile home in this charming destination, you will be well aware as to how great it is to have your own base for holidays and breaks. When you have a mobile home in Portugal, there are so many benefits, including never having to worry about making bookings or whether an accommodation choice will live up to your expectations.

With your own mobile home, you can kit it out exactly the way you like it and include all the luxuries that make your stay there memorable. In addition, you can cook there and if you don’t feel like going out or you have special dietary requirements, then you can satisfy these easily and cheaply. Better still, you can invite friends to stay whenever you want and even earn some extra income by renting out caravans during peak season.

If you have any questions about buying caravans or purchasing a mobile home, then please don’t hesitate to ask. Our expert team has a wealth of experience when it comes to caravans and their ownership and we can give you any guidance or advice that you require. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest information, new homes, events and more!

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