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Why Millennials are flocking to relocate in Lisbon

There are currently 1.1 million people working in the gig economy in the UK alone. But because of the flexibility of their work, many millennials are upping sticks and heading for the sun. After all, if your office is your laptop, all you need is an internet connection – and who wouldn’t want to work somewhere sunnier and more affordable?
That’s why millennials have been flocking to Lisbon since 2014, when it started appearing on lists of must-visit destinations. Since then, tourists have come flocking. Whether you’re thinking of relocating abroad or you’re looking for great value holiday homes, there are plenty of reasons why you should head for the Portuguese capital too!
The weather
Lisbon enjoys a subtropical climate, with balmy average winter temperatures of 14C and just a few months of rainfall. The last time it snowed was back in 1945, so if you’re looking for the endless sun to enjoy Lisbon’s incredible white sandy beaches, you’re in luck. Who wouldn’t want to go to work every day under a deep blue sky?
The history
Steeped in heritage and history, there’s so much to see in Lisbon. Join a walking tour or hop on one of the distinctive yellow trams – number 28 takes you through the picturesque Alfama district. There’s so much to see and do, you won’t want to leave.
You can’t miss the defensive tower of Belem that stands guard over the quayside, an incredible blend of architectural styles that reflect Lisbon’s long history. Take a day trip to beautiful Sintra and see the battlements of St George’s Castle, then finish your day underwater at the incredible Oceanarium.
The food
If you love Nandos, then you’ll love Lisbon. It’s the home of Piri Piri chicken and those moreish custard tarts known as Pasteis de Nata. But there’s so much more on offer when you visit Portugal, and Lisbon’s oceanside location means the fish and seafood are to die for – don’t miss superb crab and June’s sardine festival!
For superior street food try Bifana, garlic and white wine marinaded pork, slapped in a bun and served with hot sauce and ice cold beer. Or feast on Arroz De Marisco packed with herbs, vegetables, and spanking fresh seafood. Portuguese food is fresh and packed with flavour – just right for the climate!
The hospitality
The Portuguese are some of the most laid back people in Europe and are famed for their hospitality. If you’re a millennial wanting to go city hopping it has a wonderful laid back vibe that’s very welcoming. If you’re on holiday you’ll enjoy a charming experience in one of the safest cities in Europe.
The culture
Lisbon’s culture is unlike that of any other country. Fado, the traditional folk music, has no equivalent anywhere in the world. This unique entertainment embraces love, longing, and loss and usually takes place after a good dinner. If visual arts are your thing the national museums house fantastic jewelry, fine porcelain, the famous azulejo tiles and works by Warhol and Bacon.
Lisbon boasts Livraria Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookshop built in the 1700s alongside some stunning modern architecture. It’s the way that the old and the new coexist so seamlessly that makes Lisbon such a fascinating city to visit – or make your home!
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