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When time off approaches, thoughts turn to vacation, stays in holiday homes or even relaxing in a CR Abitare mobile home. Today, more than ever, families need a break from their everyday lives to spend time together in a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere.

CR Abitare began in the heart of Tuscany, an area of Italy long renowned for its delightful scenery, hospitality and wonderful food. The people behind the company appreciate what holidaymakers are looking for when it comes to lodges, holiday homes or a relaxing holiday in a mobile home. Whether going to another country for a short stay or even relocating abroad, CR Abitare offer a range of alluring and practical solutions that are versatile and deliver wonderful value.CR Abitare Emerald (11)

When CR Abitare produce holiday homes or lodges, the aim is always to create excellence, by combining the very finest materials with constant innovation derived from staying abreast with the most up to date production processes. Sustainability is also extremely important to the end result, and their holiday homes and lodges are not only built to stand the test of time but they are also constructed sustainably, with the greenest possible methodology that expresses deep respect for the environment. CR Abitare is fully compliant with all safety and construction regulations, with guaranteed, consolidated techniques used with quality materials for enduring results. CR Abitare Emerald (9)

Respect is at the core of what this company does. They respect their customers and their needs, they respect their raw materials, they respect the high standards of workmanship necessary to produce consistent excellence and they respect the ability of inspired design to elevate mobile homes and make them places where life can be lived with ease and enjoyment.

There are many pros of caravan ownership including the freedom to locate your static caravan wherever you wish and customise it to your specific desires. CR Abitare mobile homes have the advantage of taking the best from the past while looking to the future to realise products that give people what they truly want and need, so they can enjoy the lodges they create in a number of ways.

As an Italian company, CR Abitare is dedicated to encapsulating the style for which their country is famous. The aim is always to deliver the highest quality in materials and workmanship, in conjunction with style setting their lodges apart and imbuing them with great charm. The company believes life is beautiful and holiday homes and static caravans should be too.CR Abitare Emerald (13)

They offer a range of models to suit all tastes. They combine deep comfort with design facets that reference current aesthetic trends and fashions, while always remaining true to the classic attributes of elegance and being a pleasure to use. Their products seek always to optimise functionality, comfort and convenience in a sleek package that will provide an ideal space to unwind and enjoy time with loved ones. In these holiday homes, practicality is a priority but never at the expense of the joy to be found in graceful and appealing surroundings.

Whether you are relocating abroad, looking for holiday homes, static caravans or seeking a relaxing holiday in a mobile home, then CR Abitare mobile homes are sure to offer a superbly designed, meticulously constructed and eco-conscious option for you and your family.

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