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Exciting things to do in Portugal on a static caravan holiday

Lisbon portugal

There has never been a better time for enjoying all the pros of caravan ownership in Portugal. A delightful country with gorgeous sandy beaches, friendly people and great food, there are many activities to enjoy when you have a break in Portugal.

The country’s capital city is Lisbon, an intriguing mix of contemporary culture and compelling history. If you are having a relaxing holiday in a motor home or enjoying the pros of caravan ownership near Lisbon, then you can explore its cathedrals, fortresses and aqueducts. The city has many atmospheric bars and tempting restaurants and the pastel-hued buildings of the famous Alfama area. Take the Elevador do Carmo, a 15 metre high lift from the industrial age, and experience one of Lisbon’s best-loved landmarks and get incredible views of the city from the top. There are lots of lovely cafes with delicious pastries nearby to tempt you too.

Just outside Lisbon, you’ll find an array of inviting beaches and the entire country has an abundance of spectacular coastline. The region known as the Algarve is in the southern part of Portugal and it is famous for its beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and fine golf resorts. This area is enduringly popular with holidaymakers and those who enjoy the pros of caravan ownership.

With sand, sun and sea, the Algarve offers everything anyone who wants a relaxing home in a mobile home could desire. The strip between the cities of Lagos and Faro is full of restaurants, bars and nightlife so there will never be a shortage of things to do in this region. Algarve is blessed with many fine beaches, some developed with bars and cafés and others more remote but close to areas of great natural beauty.

Portugal also offers more than 10 beautiful national parks scattered throughout the country. The Litoral Norte Natural Park is in the northwest, with views of the sea and lots of seabirds. Alvao Natural Park offers two ecosystems and grand waterfalls. Montesinho Natural Park is known for its hiking and the wonderful biodiversity that visitors can discover.

The Douro River is one of the most significant waterways in the Iberian Peninsula and flows through northern Portugal to Porto, the second-largest metropolis in Portugal. The Douro Valley is famous for delightful boat rides along the majestic river itself and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is recognised as being the oldest wine growing region within strict boundaries on Earth.

Anyone interested in fine wine, or another product of this region, Port, will enjoy exploring the Douro Valley. The Douro International Natural Park is another major attraction, which is on the Spanish border and offers breath-taking scenery of the river winding between cliffs and through ravines.

Porto is rich with history and its historic centre is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. With impressive bridges, a mediaeval area and a wide array of cafes, the city of Porto is a delight.

Portugal is a beautiful country and though modest in geographical size, it offers a compelling mix of beaches, rugged scenery and cosmopolitan flair to visitors. With wonderful food, warm hospitality and even warmer weather, there are many pros of caravan ownership here, the most important being that you can return time and time again.

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