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Fine dining in Antequera this autumn

Spain is packed with undiscovered pleasures, not least its food and drink. Holiday homes at the Saydo Park resort near Antequera put you in the hot seat for discovering everything that the heart of Andalucia has to offer – not least its delicious food culture.
Small plates, big flavour
The current trend for small plates borrows a lot from Spanish food culture. With over 100 cafes, restaurants and bars in Antequera – not to mention about a dozen pubs – this is a great place to try the tapas for which Spain is famous.
You can also order raciones – a plate size serving of ham, chorizo or cheese amongst other choices – washed down with a bottle of one of the local red, white or rose wines. For around 10 euros for a plate and a bottle of wine, it makes a delicious light meal. Opt for a medio ración – literally half rations – if you just need a snack.
What’s on the menu in Antequera?
Anquetera is just a stone’s throw away from the luxury mobile homes and caravans at Saydo Park, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience all the local delicacies of Andalusia.
One such delicacy is the traditional Porra, an Andalusian take on gazpacho. This delicious blend of juicy tomatoes and sweet red peppers flavoured with onions and garlic is thickened with cream and breadcrumbs, then topped with local ham and boiled egg. Cool, soothing and absolutely delicious, you can try versions flavoured with local oranges or served with tuna.
The food in Antequera shows the influence of thousands of years of history. The local bread, mollete, was thought to be brought to Spain by the Moors and is laced with the local spicy olive oil, making it utterly addictive. The perfect breakfast is enjoyed with more of that rich and delicious olive oil, some local ham and of course, some luscious tomatoes!
To finish a typical meal, try some of the rich almond desserts that are so typical of the region, washed down with a glass of the sweet wines for which the area is famous. Bienmesabe is traditionally made and sold by the local nuns from almonds and cinnamon, while almojábana is a delicious medieval cheesecake.
Holiday homes, dining out
No one wants to cook when they’re on holiday, which is why mobile homes at Saydo Park are such a smart investment. With all the culinary treasures of Andalusia right on the doorstep, dining out is unmissable.
Most restaurants offer the menú del dí­a, a three-course meal with wine and bread for a low price, often as cheap as 8 euros. In the evening, enjoy your tapas at the bar. If you want to sit down to eat, ask for the carta or menu and the lista de vinos or wine list. Enjoy breathtaking views over the mountains and the famous Lover’s Rock from any of the al-fresco dining terraces in town.
An explosion of flavours
Andalucia is just bursting with flavour. Try Arte de Cozina, one of Antequera’s oldest restaurants and the home of the Gastroarte movement, for the best the region has to offer. And what better base to enjoy all those culinary riches than from one of the luxury mobile homes at the Saydo Park resort?

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