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How to keep your mobile home cool in hot summer weather

Keep Mobile Home Cool

For dedicated sun worshippers, holiday homes in the sun are what it’s all about. From static caravans to grand lodges, mobile homes are an affordable way to enjoy beautiful weather for longer, especially when you buy your holiday home on a fantastic park in Spain, Portugal or the Greek Islands.

But when a heat wave hits, day after day of high temperatures can take its toll. However much you may enjoy the heat, sleeping and going about your daily life can be much more challenging, changing your summer fun to a nightmare of heat exhaustion.

The good news is that there are plenty of measures you can put in place to keep yourself cool, even in the height of the hot weather. Most importantly, if you buy wisely, you’ll even reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable atmosphere all year round.

Opt for air con
If you’re relocating abroad permanently, installing air conditioning in your mobile home could be a smart investment. In that case, opt for a heat pump system that can be used to warm your home in colder weather. If you only spend a part of the year in your holiday home, then a mobile unit coupled with some sturdy fans should get some cool air moving around your home.

Add a verandah
If your lodge doesn’t already feature a shaded verandah, now’s the time to add one. This could be a simple off the peg wooden or metal structure, or you could build something bespoke for your home.
It’s essential to add a cover for shade. Some pergolas come with a material roof or for a more casual, beachy look, you could rig up a sail. If you’re a permanent resident, then consider creating a shaded outdoor room but be careful if you decide to use glazing; you will need to ensure that the glass is treated to prevent heat build-up.

Reassess your interiors
If you own an older lodge or mobile home, think about upgrading the insulation in the walls and roof to help prevent heat from getting in and building up. If you don’t already have blinds or curtains, have them fitted. By keeping them drawn, you’ll stop the glare of the sun penetrating the interior so that you stay cool.

If you don’t already have fly screens, think about adding them to your windows so that they can stay open, creating a flow-through of air without you getting bitten to death! And change your interior bulbs for LEDs; not only do they generate light more efficiently to save you money on your energy bills, but they also generate less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Consider the outdoors
One benefit for those buying holiday homes is that you can opt for a location that’s surrounded by natural shade. Opt for a placement with trees on the western side, for long-lasting shade at the hottest times of the day.

Lodges located on parks with air-conditioned cafes and restaurants are also worth looking out for and if you love to cook yourself, invest in a barbecue. There’s no better way to enjoy summer dining al fresco and you won’t steam up your interior by putting the stove on!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll stay cool all summer long. So why not beat the heat and lower your environmental footprint!

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