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Key factors to consider when planning a park home purchase

A park home could be a cost-effective way to make your holiday homes dreams come true. With great locations and fantastic facilities plus the peace of mind of being able to lock up and leave, you can experience relaxing holidays and create a lifetime of memories. Luxury lodges can even be the first step on the road to relocating abroad.

There are key factors to consider before you invest in your park home, but if you’re excited to experience all the pros of caravan ownership, read on.

Can I use my home all year?

The first thing to check is that your choice of park is open all year and that you’ll be able to use your home and/or live in it whenever you want. Don’t get caught out and find the park is closed for part of the year or you’re only allowed to stay for a limited amount of time.

What fees and charges will I pay?

A park home differs from a bricks-and-mortar home in one important way. You’ll own your home but not the ground it occupies which is leased to you by the park owner. That means you’ll need to find a specialist lender if you need financing for your purchase. You should also check the site fees for the locations you’re considering and find out exactly what they include. You may also need to budget for utilities and local taxes if you’re buying abroad.

New or old?

This decision will be dictated by your budget but location, size, style and features will also be a consideration. If you opt for an older home there are savings to be made, but you’ll need to weigh them up against the costs of redecoration and increased maintenance. New lodges and mobile homes have the advantage of offering all mod cons and can be decorated and fitted out in a way that suits your lifestyle.

What’s the community like?

If you’re buying a holiday home as a first step to relocating abroad then the community you find yourself in can be a nice way of dipping your toe into the local way of life. Your neighbours are likely to have plenty of tips and hints about your new location. Even if you intend to holiday for the time being you’ll find yourself enjoying the company of like-minded people. Community is one of the big bonuses of the park home lifestyle so try a short stay first to make sure you’ll get on with the neighbours.

Are you happy with the rules?

This can be a deal-breaker and it’s important that you do your research on all potential sites before committing to a purchase. If you have pets, are they welcome at the park? Are there age limits for residents? It’s worth spending time looking through the rules as this may influence your decision. A location may seem to be perfect but if you don’t like the rules you’re unlikely to be happy there.

Will I be able to sell my home?

Many people relocating abroad try out the lifestyle first by buying a holiday home before committing to bricks and mortar and there are always people looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a mobile home in a great location making resale a breeze.

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