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Mobile home security: why it’s more important than ever

In recent months mobile home security has become more relevant than ever, with mobile home owners not being able to frequent their park homes due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, it is important to protect what you love.

Enjoying the pros of caravan ownership is one of the best ways to have a home away from home. But holiday homes can present unique challenges for security and it’s important to remain extra vigilant.

The good news is that you have plenty of options when it comes to protecting your property for ultimate peace of mind. Here’s our round-up of the best tips to protect your mobile home against opportunist thieves.

Check your doors and windows

In older-style lodges and static caravans, you may find that doors and windows are prone to warping through exposure to water or heat. This makes them easier to force. Also check the structure of your window frames, as any gaps or breaks can make them vulnerable. If you find any weak spots, have them repaired or replaced. Another quick security win is to replace any hollow exterior doors with solid ones with properly pinned hinges.

Look after your locks

Locks are your first line of defence against thieves, so always make sure they’re up to the job. Adding deadbolts or keypad locks to exterior doors will really beef up your security, but make sure that your door frame is solid and not a point of weakness. You can also purchase effective and affordable jammers and window locks to secure your mobile home. Make sure they’re properly fitted for the best results.

Set up a neighbourhood watch scheme

This is a great way to increase security when you’re not on holiday. Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property when you’re not there and report anything suspicious to you and the police. Try and recruit as many people as possible. The more eyes, the better. Posting signs around your park that a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is in operation is a great deterrent to help keep thieves away.

Make it look like you’re home

Ask a neighbour to park on your drive and collect your post. Fit security lights that come on whenever they detect motion. Opt for solar-powered lights and you won’t have to worry about additional bills. Use timer switches to turn lights on and off so it looks like someone’s home. And fit smoke detectors to protect your mobile home from damage.

Buy a safe

Holiday homes with a safe are less vulnerable to burglars. Why? Because opportunists are less likely to try and haul it away. A reasonably sized safe can be a cost-effective way to protect valuables that you need to leave on-site – the bigger the better as they act as more of a deterrent.

Invest in a home security system

If your mobile home is a significant asset then a smart security system could be worth the investment. Remember, in addition to the initial setup costs you’ll also pay a monthly fee. If that puts smart cameras and doorbells that send footage to your smartphone out of your budget, there are more affordable options.

Fake security cameras are a credible option. Mobile homes without security are three times more likely to be broken into. We’d also recommend a set of highly affordable window alarms installed with a security film for extra protection. These will emit a loud noise when the window is broken and protect your holiday home from intruders.

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