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New year upgrades to freshen your mobile home

Over the years, static caravans can start to show signs of wear and tear. New Year is the perfect time to give holiday homes and lodges a quick update – not only will you freshen up your decor, but you could also add value, too!

Here are the quick and affordable fixes you need to do now to enjoy a carefree summer in your upgraded holiday home.

Update flooring

Whether you prefer hard-wearing wood or the luxury of carpet, upgrading your flooring is a quick win. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Shop around for sales bargains and ends of rolls for an affordable update to your look. It’s worth paying for fitting however, as a professional finish can make even bargain flooring look fantastic and ensure that you get the maximum wear.

Change lighting fixtures

Lighting sets the mood for your holiday home, so browse for new lighting fixtures that have that wow factor. If you’re happy with the fittings you have, upgrade the bulbs to warm white LEDs for a cosy look with greater energy efficiency. You could even add smart bulbs or plugs for the ultimate in easy lighting management.

Paint kitchen cabinets

Trends in kitchen decor change all the time. Currently, darker cabinets are in style and it doesn’t take long to alter the look of your kitchen completely with a tin of paint. Depending on the construction of your cabinets, you should find a paint kit that will work with any style of kitchen doors. You can even opt to go glossy if your kitchen doors have lost their sheen. It’s the fast way to spruce up your kitchen and bring back some style.

Upgrade door handles

The wrong handles can make your lodge look really tired and old fashioned. Switching out those worn out old knobs for smart new ones is a quick fix that automatically updates your interiors. This fix works for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, too.

Refinish your bathroom

Whether you have a bathtub or a shower there are some quick fixes that can bring your bathroom bang up to date. A tongue and groove bath surround injects country cottage chic, while inexpensive waterproof panels can cover up scruffy tiles in minutes. Fresh new accessories and towels plus some scented candles complete the picture. If you’re in a hard water area and your tub is looking the worse for wear, investigate having it refinished to bring back the sparkle.

Rethink decorative windows

If you’ve always hated that frosted or stained glass window and you can afford to lose whatever light it brings, try covering the space with cork. Not only does this on-trend material look great, but it also improves insulation. Otherwise, a coat of blackboard paint turns a dated decoration into a handy noticeboard!

Get gardening

Nothing has such an instant impact on the exterior of static caravans than some greenery and potted plants. Again, this is an upgrade that can be as simple or wide-ranging as you like, from chic topiary trees either side of the front door to plenty of colourful flowers and maybe even a pergola. And if your patio furniture is starting to look a bit drab then replacing it will give a real lift to your exterior, letting you holiday in style!

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