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Reasons to buy a mobile home in Spain in 2023

Reasons To Buy A Mobile Home In Spain In 2023

There are so many great reasons for buying a mobile home or caravan in Spain this year that it would be almost easier to list the reasons not to! This vast and exciting country offers beautiful landscapes and cities, compelling culture, amazing beaches and beauty spots and, of course, a diverse and delicious cuisine. A mobile home or holiday home in Spain is an investment that will continue to pay rich dividends as you will want to return there, again and again, to immerse yourself in every aspect of your chosen region.

While enjoying your caravan or holiday home in Spain, you will also find that your money goes a long way and you get fantastic value as the cost of living is so reasonable. On average, the day-to-day cost of essentials in this sunny and welcoming country is far less than in the UK. It is, in fact, more than 17 per cent lower than in Britain. This means that from buying clothes to food or entertainment, you get a lot more bang for your buck.

For example, were two people to go out for dinner at a mid-range and attractive restaurant, the cost for three courses would be just over £44, or around 50 euros. Beer drinkers will really appreciate that a delicious Spanish Cerveza is also very reasonably priced at only 2.20€ or around £2.50. Imported beer in a 0.33-litre bottle will cost 3€, or around £2.65.

Also known for its great coffee, in a Spanish café, you will probably pay just over 1.50€ or around £1.73 for your favourite brew. As the cost of living continues to spiral out of control, you could save money every day just by enjoying your second home. As the cost of living is so reasonable compared with the UK, you can really enjoy yourself while spending time in your home away from home, with outings to restaurants and other places of interest, including galleries, national parks and must-see monuments such as the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia or the Dali museum.

The cost of eating out is moderate, which is welcome news considering just how delicious Spanish food really is. From tapas to fresh seafood at a beach café or fine gastronomic dining, those who enjoy traditional and innovative modern food will relish each day they spend in their second home and all the wonderful taste sensations there are to explore.

There is so much to enjoy when you visit Espana. With magnificent museums, impressive architecture and vibrant nightlife areas where you can spend the evening hopping from one bar to another, there is always so much to do here. The home of flamenco, you will love the relaxed Spanish approach to life and its emphasis on enjoying each day as it comes.

The markets and range of fresh produce are excellent too, and when you have your own mobile home or caravan, you can kit out the kitchen exactly as you want it so you can prepare your own meals. As the rising cost of living in the UK sends food prices ever upwards, in your holiday home, you can spend far less on daily necessities while indulging yourself in healthy, nutritious and flavourful fare.

Spain is a big country and offers anyone who wants a holiday home to cherish an enormous range of options. Whether you want the sunny climate and spectacular beaches of Andalusia, rural tranquillity or perhaps the lively atmosphere of the Costa del Sol, there is something for everyone.

We have a delightful range of parks where you can site your caravan, and you can choose from options where you are close to cultural attractions, local markets or even across the road from a delightful sandy beach. Your friends and relatives will love visiting you in your sunny home away from home, which you can equip with everything you need to welcome visitors and relax exactly as you wish. From a cosy living area to an outdoor barbecue, when you have your own home abroad, you can customise it just as you like it.

As all the parks we recommend are superbly run and resourced, you never have to worry about a thing, and most of them enjoy convenient transport links too. In high tourist season, you could even rent out your mobile home to generate some extra income and possibly even earn enough to cover the expenses of running your home abroad for a year.

We have many years of expertise in sourcing and siting mobile homes. Whether you want a new or a used model, we can help when it comes to all types of holiday homes. No matter what your budget is, we can help you come up with a plan that means your dream of a second home in the sun can become a reality.

Please talk to us today or visit our Staffordshire showground to find out more about the vast array of options available. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest mobile homes available. 

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