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Site fees on mobile home and caravan parks – What’s included in the cost?

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Owning a mobile home or a static caravan is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a wonderful way to visit an idyllic location whenever you want, knowing that everything you need is there, all in one place.

To ensure a caravan park or mobile park maintains such high standards, homeowners usually pay an annual site fee to the park owners. The site fee, also known as ground rent, covers the cost of maintaining the park and its facilities for everyone to enjoy.

It is important to remember that site fees vary from park to park. Likewise, so do the facilities that parks may offer.

Outdoor facilities may include sports provisions, such as tennis and basketball courts, football pitches, playgrounds and equipment for children. Some caravan and mobile parks also offer outdoor heated swimming pools, with lifeguards on duty during the peak seasons. This appeals to many families when booking their holidays, as safety is obviously a priority. For those who seek opportunities to try something new, you may find that some parks offer yoga and early morning tai chi sessions. Some locations also provide boot camp-style exercise sessions, which are increasing in popularity.

Indoor facilities, such as kids club entertainment often run during the summer months and are a must for busy parents. On-site bars and restaurants, some of which offer takeaway services, offer homeowners and visitors time to relax whilst also enjoying the delicious offerings of home-cooked meals, some of which can be delivered straight to your door.

Shops, gyms and clubhouses all require both staff and maintenance. Site fees enable these facilities to keep running, providing homeowners and visitors with a range of activities and facilities all year round.

Water supplies, mains drainage and garden maintenance are essential on-site services. Roads need to be maintained, and park owners need to ensure that each plot can be accessed adequately. Many parks have stunning walks, all maintained for you to enjoy, again covered by the ground rent.

Lighting and the collection of refuse are also included in the site fees. Security is a priority, and most parks are gated communities, inhabited by residents only. Homeowners are reassured that their homes are safe and cared for, even when they are not there.

Ground rent goes towards an array of services and facilities. In return, caravan park owners ensure that high standards are met and the site has enough staff on-site. This reassures owners that when they visit, facilities will be up and running accordingly, to the highest standards.

There are many financial benefits to choosing a park home. Homeowners do not need to pay local council tax, and many parks allow owners to sublet their properties out during the year, which is a great way to supplement their income. Some also offer cleaning services so that properties are looked after in-between visits.

Site fees from park owners will be transparent and concise in nature. This ensures that owners know the costs upfront, without worrying about any added, hidden extras. After all, improved quality of life is the main reason why people choose to buy a mobile home or a static caravan. Homeowners can visit peaceful locations as and when they want, knowing that everything is taken care of.

For further information on site fees or ground rent, give one of our team a call on 0800 644 4546 and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest mobile homes available. 

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