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The best places for Brits to move abroad after Brexit

The Best Places For Brits To Move Abroad After Brexit

The best places for Brits to move abroad after Brexit. Brexit has been a source of stress and dismay for some since the referendum results in 2016. As a result, many Britons have considered moving abroad, possibly to live in a mobile home or caravan. Of the countries Britons are considering, particularly for retirement, France appears again and again.

The pandemic interfered with people’s plans, for retirement, travel and relocation. But now that things are getting back to some semblance of normal, people can get moving with the visions they have for their future. The good news is that it is still perfectly possible for Britons to move to France and make full use of a caravan or mobile home they have there. If you are a UK citizen, then in any circumstance you can generally stay in the country for up to 90 days before you have to leave.

After Brexit, many Britons didn’t want to give up their European rights and identity or miss out on the possibility of having a caravan in a European country, possibly even moving there for retirement.

If you have a caravan or a mobile home in France, then little has really changed in practical terms if you want to pop over for a break. You don’t need a visa in order to remain for nearly three months. However, if you’re contemplating long-term resettlement there, such as retirement, then you’ll need a visa.

The process is relatively simple and costs less than a hundred euros for permission to remain for up to a year. When you apply for a visa of this type, there are generally two options. A visitor visa for a long stay can allow you to remain in France and possibly even work there. The other option is a long stay temporary visa, which means you can get permission to remain in the country for between three and six months at a time.

One of the benefits of the long-stay temporary visa is that you are not categorised as a resident, and you won’t be expected to complete a French tax return and detail any income you may have.

There are a few criteria to fulfil to get a long-stay French visa. For a start, you’ll need to have proof of the accommodation you will use in the form of rented or owned premises. You will also need evidence to substantiate your claim that you can support yourself while in the country and this generally equates to an income of around 65 euros a day. You will need to have appropriate health insurance in place, which may take the form of travel insurance, or possibly the Global Health Insurance Card which has replaced the European health card. Your passport will also need to be valid and have at least 15 months left on it before it expires.

The visa application process in general is quite easy as much can be done online. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to pay a visit to the French Consulate General. There is one in London, and also in the capital cities of other countries. Filling out the application form can be quite quick, although you may need to spend some time collecting the necessary documents. You’ll need to go to the visa portal, which can be found at https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/france-visas.

You’ll need access to a printer, so that you can print out the completed application and then add your signature. You may also need to sign a declaration stating that you will not be working there. Follow the instructions on how to submit the visa. In addition, you will need to provide a scan of documents such as your passport, plus evidence of your French accommodation, nationality, income via bank statements and travel insurance. A photo is required too.

The application must be processed at least a month before travel. If you decide you want to stay you can apply for a Carte de Sejour, which gives you permanent residency. There are five categories, and an application is required for each, supported by various criteria including some language skills.

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