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Pros and cons of caravan-mobile home ownership

Willerby Waverley mobile home - caravan


For many people, owning a mobile home or a caravan means having access to a wonderfully flexible style of accommodation that they can set up in a place they enjoy and visit over and over again. Unlike the type of holiday where you book a hotel or some other place to stay and possibly face disappointment, with a caravan or a mobile home you can kit it out exactly the way you like and make sure you have it set up with all the comforts that will make staying there a pleasure.

Another advantage of this type of accommodation is that bookings are never necessary. You can go there whenever you feel it and take your friends with you. If you want to rent it out during the peak holiday season, then there can even be opportunities to make some income from it as well.

Other advantages include being single-story and accessible, which might be important if you have mobility issues. If you’re retired and decide to spend a lot of time in your caravan, then you won’t have to worry about long flights of stairs.

Another bonus is just how affordable they are. With so many types available and a huge range of places where they can be located, there will be an option to suit just about every budget. A caravan can be very economical to run and may provide the most cost-effective holiday option that you can find anywhere as the costs are far less than in running a typical dwelling or holiday home.

With a huge range available, you can choose a mobile home in a size that suits you. They are unlikely to be too large and demanding when it comes to cleaning or maintenance, which frees you up to enjoy the attractions of wherever it is situated. You can choose a lovely community for your mobile dwelling where it will be secure and safe. If security is an important issue for you, then you can select a park which has a level of security that gives you peace of mind. Another bonus is that when you spend time in the community, you’ll make friends who you’ll enjoy seeing and who can keep an eye on your caravan where you’re not there.

If you do decide to go elsewhere then you have total flexibility in deciding when and where you go.


Of course, a mobile home may not be for everyone. Unlike traditional real estate, this type of accommodation probably won’t increase in value over time. Because it’s not a conventional property with a lease or a freehold, you won’t be able to get a mortgage on one although there may be other financing options.

You will probably need to do some maintenance on your mobile home at some point and this may well be set out in the agreement that is part of the conditions linked to the site where it is located. There may be various conditions you need to fulfil when you sign on at a site, so it’s a good idea to be aware of these and any fees expected before you sign any contracts. You want to make sure that the atmosphere and conditions of the site are what you desire before committing to staying there for any length of time.


It’s important to be clear on what you want. Once you are, you are likely to find that the right mobile option is a good fit for your needs and will provide many years of highly affordable relaxation and pleasure.

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