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Try these storage tips to maximise space in your mobile home

Is space an issue? If you have a holiday home in Spain or France or even a mobile home in Italy or Portugal, the answer is likely to be no. But when it comes to caravans, the ability to maximise the available space becomes more of an issue – especially if you’re planning a family holiday around Europe!
If you’re already wondering exactly how you’ll fit everything into your mobile home, then here’s how to stow away the essentials and still have room for a few of life’s luxuries.
Plan to pack
If you have a tendency to overpack, getting serious about list making could be the way forward. Remember that you’re not going to the back end of beyond and that most campsites have an onsite shop and are located within easy reach of local facilities so you don’t need to pack everything but the kitchen sink! Make a list of essentials and then whittle it down.
Hang it up
Hooks and hanging racks are invaluable when you’re trying to save space. Hooks can be used to hang literally anything, from cooking essentials to clothes and food. Invest in hanging shoe racks and stuff the pockets with everything from tins to toothpaste and don’t forget to use the ceiling space to hang anything from brooms and mops to wardrobes.
Tackle unused space
Installing shelves at head height is a smart way to use up space that would otherwise go unused. Make sure you buy nesting, stacking and collapsible bowls, cooking utensils and storage boxes so you always maximise space when things are stored away. Don’t forget to make the most of the backs of doors – they’re ideal for hanging coat hooks or shoe bags to tidy away and clutter.
Take a look around your caravan and you’ll be sure to find extra storage space you hadn’t thought of before. Under the bed is always a great place to start!
Organise your kitchen
Most of the equipment you’ll be taking is for day to day living, so getting your kitchen organised makes sense. Try installing a pegboard to hold useful but hard to store items like tin openers and corkscrews and install a fruit hammock overhead for storing your fresh fruit and vegetable securely when you’re on the road.
An over-door bin may need emptying more often, but it’ll be hidden out of sight without taking up too much precious storage space. A magnetic strip holder is the perfect place to store your kitchen knives so they’re always within arms reach – just make sure you store them out of the reach of toddlers!
Liberate your living space
If you’re touring through Spain and Portugal during the summer the chances are you won’t be inside your mobile home all that much. But when bad weather forces you inside it pays to be prepared. Install a folding table for mealtimes and board games when the rain hits, and make sure you have everything securely stowed in storage cubes – either keep all coats, boots or jumpers together or give each member of the family their own cube to keep tidy.
If you still need extra space, think about investing in an awning. That way you’ll create more sheltered outside space so you can enjoy some luxurious living room.

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