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Why a mobile home in France is the best way to vive la difference

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You may have long dreamed of a second home in France and these days, there are many options, including caravans, that can bring the fantasy of a holiday home in the land of eternal chic into reality.

Buying a mobile home in France has never been so easy. There is an incredible array of leisure and holiday parks where you can house caravans and so you can enjoy the delights of Normandy, Provence or the Loire whenever you like. One of the primary reasons why a mobile home in France is such a good idea is being able to secure yourself a holiday home at such a reasonable cost. A caravan can be so much cheaper to buy than other forms of French property and there are fewer legal and bureaucratic hassles to deal with. When you buy a mobile home, you don’t need to use a Notaire as you would for buying an apartment or a farmhouse in France. This makes the process easier and also means that there are no real estate agent fees or fee demands from the Notaire. Just the costs of a real estate agent and a Notaire can add up to 15 per cent to the price of buying a property.

Of course, you will have park fees to pay and certain regulations to follow, but you will have a delightful vacation home to visit whenever you wish. Because it will be situated in a managed park, it is also easy to rent out your caravan during peak holiday seasons to make some extra cash. Managed well, you can make enough from renting out a holiday caravan to cover the cost of keeping and maintaining your second home all year round.

Another advantage of caravans is the flexibility you have in all almost every aspect of ownership. For a start, there are many styles of caravans with all kinds of features, so you can choose one that fits your needs. Then you can kit it out precisely the way you like it, both inside and out. If you want extra beds for visiting family members or barbecue facilities, then you can add those.

You can also choose the location and even visit the leisure park first to see what kind of environment you’ll be enjoying regularly. If you have pets, then you might want to check that they are welcome at the park and see what facilities are available at the park for activities you enjoy such as tennis or swimming, in addition to what is on offer in the local area.

There will be no worries when you return home as you’ll be able to relax knowing your second home is in a safe environment too. You also have the flexibility of buying new or second-hand, depending on your needs or budget.

When you get to your mobile home in France, the experience will be almost pure enjoyment as you won’t have a great deal of maintenance or property upkeep to take care of. The locations of most parks are picked carefully too, so you will be close to transport links, activities and lots of places where you can buy delicious French food and wine

Another bonus of your French caravan is that they are not considered to be “fixed” buildings. This means more savings for you as you won’t have to pay property taxes due in the locality, specifically the taxe foncière or the taxe d’habitation, when your caravan is only used as seasonal accommodation.

Whether you want to be by beaches and glorious coast, in the mountains or close to vineyards and walking trails, there are so many options when you choose to get your own caravan. We are experts in this area and can help you with every aspect of your decision, from selecting a caravan to managing the details of the sale and choosing the holiday park that will bring you and your family so much holiday joy at such a low cost of ownership.

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