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A guide to visiting the Algarve in Portugal

Beautiful Beach Coast Algarve Region Portugal

The Algarve is the most southerly region in Portugal and an enduringly attractive spot for holidaymakers, with its spacious beaches on the Atlantic, inviting golf resorts and warm Portuguese hospitality.

Visitors enjoy all kinds of water sports and sailing along the coast while spotting the historic fishing villages with their whitewashed buildings that were a staple of this area before it started to develop as a tourist hotspot in the sixties. These days, the coast between Logos, and Faro – the regional capital – is alive with a wide choice of bars, restaurants, and hotels.

The Algarve is a superb location for a mobile home or caravan. The coastline is stunning, there are many places to eat out and socialise, and there are endless opportunities for walking and hiking and enjoying nature. While the shore can be busy, you don’t need to venture far inland to find unspoilt greenery.

Many people, however, choose to locate their mobile home or caravan in this picturesque part of Portugal for its magnificent beaches. Whatever type of beach you like, whether it is a wide open sandy expanse that blends into the sky, or a more sheltered cove where you can relax undisturbed, this part of Portugal has it all.

Faro is the best place to head for a wide range of shopping and for any administrative tasks you might need to do. There is also a bus terminal covering a range of destinations, making local travel easy and inexpensive. This is also where the regional airport is located and this city is essentially the travel hub for visiting the area. Before visiting you may need to check what kind of visa you may need. Most people visiting from the EU or the US won’t need a visa, but with a UK passport it is probably best to check what the latest requirements are. You may need a Schengen Visa which is usually valid for a period of around 90 days.

When it comes to sightseeing, you won’t want to miss visiting Tavira, known as one of the most beautiful destinations in this area of Portugal. This historic town dates back to Roman times, and you can see its heritage in the streets. Nestling by the River Gilão, this gorgeous spot should be on your itinerary. Lagos Old Town and its cobbled streets are another must-see, and the whole family can enjoy watching dolphins on a boat trip.

The weather here is an enduring attraction with its Mediterranean climate. The high season is generally over the summer, including the months of July and August. This is also when prices will be at their highest and the crowds of tourists will be at their peak. Many visitors enjoy the Algarve in the mid, or shoulder seasons. April to June and September to October are still warm and great for visiting the beach, but the crowds won’t be as relentless.

November to January is also a popular time to visit, and Christmas breaks can be very popular here. Low season is generally considered to fall from the middle of January to February in winter. However, even if the temperatures are lower, for some people this is the most attractive time as there are relatively few people around and plenty of walking and other relaxing activities to enjoy. Essentially, there is never a bad time to find yourself in this stunning area of Portugal.

Other attractive features of this region include its safety, as it is considered a place where all can visit – including solo female travellers – without undue risk. While Portuguese is the main language, English is also spoken, along with a smattering of German, French and Spanish, making it easy for tourists to communicate. This area is renowned for the quality of its fresh fruit and vegetables, so eating here will always be a delight, even when having simple meals. However, if you are celebrating a special occasion or want something to widen your culinary horizons, then you’ll also find exquisite fresh fish, tender meat and Michelin Star restaurants featuring world-class cuisine.

When it comes to accommodation, there is a range of hotels and resorts in the area, ranging from budget up to premium. Once you have experienced the Algarve and the appealing pace of life here, you may never want to leave. With your own caravan or mobile home, you can visit the Algarve whenever you like in total comfort without spending an enormous amount on accommodation. There will never be any hassle when it comes to making hotel bookings and no concerns about prices going up or hotels failing to meet your expectations. With your own mobile home, you can have a place in the sun that is exactly the way you like it, whenever you need it.

We are experts when it comes to caravans and mobile homes and we cannot wait to share out knowledge with you. From customising your new home to relocation, insurance and finance, we can take care of all the details and eliminate all the fuss so you can start enjoying your new caravan and creating lasting memories as soon as possible. Why not contact us today and let us help you to secure your place in the sun.

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