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Matalascañas, Huelva – El Rocio’s Beach!

Matalascañas, Huelva

One of the best beaches in Spain is Matalascañas in the province of Huelva – it is also one of Bambi’s favourite places to be, just a short drive from her home at El Rocio!

Matalascañas featured on a list prepared by the National Geographic travel portal published a few months ago, which includes the most charming coastal destinations in the country.

In the province of Huelva, this unique beach stands out for its family atmosphere, its extensive sandbank with more than five kilometers in length (it is one of the largest on the Costa de la Luz) and for an element of great beauty that distinguishes it from all the others: the Higuera Tower.

“It is recognized by its peculiar stone that protrudes from the shore. It is not some strange geological formation, but the old Torre de la Higuera, one of the towers that protected the coast from attacks, but that did not resist the strong tidal wave of Lisbon in 1755”.

Nestled in the middle of Doñana beach and with its unmistakable Torre La Higuera as an emblem and vestige of old watchtowers, it is in this incomparable environment where the natural and wild merge with the civilized in a perfect balance, which translates into a unique, beautiful landscape.

With numerous awards this eco-beach (with a Blue Flag since 1993) is idyllic – with quality, cleanliness and great facilities for beachgoers to enjoy its long coastline of white sands.

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