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New Year Resolutions for better health and wellbeing

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We all make them, but are you one of the 25% of people who ditch your New Year’s Resolutions after just a week? There’s one resolution that you might want to stick to this year, and that’s improving your health and wellbeing.

One way that thousands of Brits have found to boost their lifestyle is relocating abroad. Spain is a great choice because of the weather, the lifestyle and the food. Want to stick to those resolutions? Pack your bags and head for the sun!

Get rid of the stress

Ending that smoggy and stressful daily commute is a great start to enjoying a healthier lifestyle. And while some level of stress can be good for the body, an overload of stress at work or home can have serious implications.

Move to Spain and you’ll enjoy a climate that’s just right for outdoor living, whether you prefer relaxing on the perfect sandy beach or hiking in the breathtaking mountains. Being in nature is a great way to de-stress and start enjoying life again.

Take more exercise

We all resolve to exercise more in January but only 1 in 10 of us will still be visiting the gym by the end of the year. But if you want to enjoy good health and wellbeing, exercise is one of the best ways to achieve your goal.

If exercise always feels like a chore, wait until you start living in Spain. The combination of sunshine and sporting opportunities will soon have you enjoying your exercise without even realising it. Golf is huge and there are some superb world-class courses to choose from.

Or why not invest in an e-bike and enjoy some of the hundreds of kilometres of quiet roads and astonishing views. With an almost endless coastline, the breathtaking beaches are not to be missed and a game of beach volleyball or a quick dip soon becomes a pleasure.

Eat a healthy diet

Spain has some of the best fresh produce in the world and some incredible olive oil so you’ll be enjoying the healthy Mediterranean diet before you know it! If you like small plates, then tapas are ideal and there are plenty of sharing dishes packed with superb seafood and lean meats such as chicken and rabbit.

Look for the menu del dia when eating out for simple and delicious dishes prepared from local ingredients at a very affordable price. And remember the thrill of preparing and eating your own dishes instead of relying on meals that go ping. Cooking is not only a great way to control what you eat but it’s a wonderful form of meditation, too!

Be positive

Because it’s one of the most affordable countries in Europe with the best weather, you’ll soon find that you change your attitude as you begin to relax and unwind. Being positive has proven benefits for your brain and your general health, and being happy is much more fun!

One of the pros of caravan ownership is the opportunity to live in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people. You’ll soon be enjoying an active social life, exercising daily and eating healthily. In fact, you won’t even realise that all those good resolutions are just part of your day to day lifestyle when you relocate to Spain.

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