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Where to go for holiday sun in January

If January gives you the winter blues, you need some sun to cheer you up. And that means looking for holiday homes in Spain to buy or rent for part or all of the winter. If you fancy a longer relax in the sun, here are some ideas for making your budget stretch further.

The plane in Spain

Getting to Spain is really easy from the UK. There are plenty of cheap flights and if you shop around you’ll find bargains galore. Two great ways to save are either to book well in advance or to pick up a last-minute bargain.

You could also opt for one of the budget coach services or take the car and pick up the ferry to Santander or Bilbao in the north of the country then drive or take a train to your destination.

Affordable accommodation

There are several options when you’re looking for moderately priced accommodation in Spain. Perhaps you have friends who are relocating abroad who’ll be happy to see you? Or you might use a well-known website to find short term accommodation.

Static caravans are a great choice for budget accommodation that doesn’t feel budget. Most campsites have all the amenities you could want and are located near places of interest. Chances are, you’ll make some new friends amongst the ex-pat community, too.

Blowouts on a budget

Spain has some incredible food but those little plates of tapas can start to get expensive. Instead, why not look out for the ‘Menu del dia’, a three-course lunch menu with the limited choice often featuring extra fresh local ingredients and cuisine for around 7 to 12 euros.

Another must-try is the Wok asador. This is a buffet-style restaurant offering international food, often including a barbecue of meat and fish, and costing around 10 euros for all you can eat! Despite the name, the choices on offer go far beyond Chinese food!

Exploring on a budget

Most Spanish cities have a metro or tram city and are linked by a low-cost rail network. So grab a travel card and start exploring!

Many cultures have left their mark on the Iberian peninsula and that’s reflected in the rich history of the country. Most of the great landmarks and museums are cheap or free to visit, so you can grab a picnic lunch and go sightseeing. Many of the old ruined castles and temples are free to look around, while museums usually have a free entry day during the week. Head for the local tourist office for more information.

Relax on the beach

The water might be a little on the refreshing side but what could be better than spending a day on the beach? The Spanish Costas have some incredible natural scenery and of course, a day at the beach costs nothing provided that you buy your own provisions and take a picnic or find a local Menu del dia.

The beautiful silver beaches of Nerja are a stone’s throw from the town’s long promenade of shops for some excellent window shopping while the clifftop view of the sunset is completely free. The Basque country has some incredible coves and beaches including the 1350 m long La Concha, while Galicia boasts stunning Caribbean-style beaches that are not to be missed!

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