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Reasons to choose a mobile home.

Do you dream of living abroad? Or are you looking for a flexible holiday home? If you’re aware of the tiny home phenomenon, you’ll know how popular an option they’re fast becoming. While a mobile home might not suit everybody, they can be a great choice whether you’re downsizing on retirement or you just love the freedom of living differently.
Low cost, not low quality
The number one reason for most people to choose a mobile home is its affordability. You can get a great deal more for your money than you can in bricks and mortar and, if you choose your location wisely, you’re also buying into a community and lifestyle packed with things to do. While mobile homes might once have had a poor reputation for quality, modern homes are built to the highest standards for energy efficiency, using the latest techniques and materials. You’ll find that you get far more of the quality features you love at a price you can afford when you opt for a high-quality mobile home.
A space of your own
Fed up with noisy neighbours? Dreaming of your own independent home? Then a mobile home will fit the bill. There are no shared walls, giving you peace and quiet, and you won’t have to compromise on the perks of home ownership. When you own your own mobile home, you can paint your interiors whatever colours you like and your pets are welcome.
Downsize to luxury
Do you dream of a kitchen fit for a chef or a deluxe bathroom with walk-in shower? You may not be able to afford such luxury in a standard house, but when you downsize, you’ll have the budget to create the finishes and decor you’ve always dreamed of because of the more compact space. That wooden floor you love, and that granite worktop, become affordable dreams in your mobile home.
Make it work for you
If you’re investing in your mobile home with an eye on future retirement, make it work for you now by renting and building a nice nest egg for the future. Choose a home on a picturesque park near plenty of tourist attractions and you’ll have no problem letting it out throughout the season, often at premium rates depending on the facilities and amenities available at the park itself. Though mobile homes generate a lower rental income than cottages, for example, that affordability can work in your favour, as you’ll guarantee greater occupancy and that’s a definite win-win!
Try before you commit
If you’ve always wanted to live abroad, but don’t know whether you’re 100% ready to commit to a new lifestyle, why not try it out with a mobile home? After all, if you decide it’s not the right choice for you to make a permanent move, you’ll still have a flexible, affordable and low maintenance holiday home. You can enjoy the weather, culture and lifestyle with like-minded people in your community and pick up useful local knowledge that will make a permanent move a breeze.

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