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Top tips for decorating a small kitchen

Whatever the size of your kitchen, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. In fact, a small kitchen is often more space efficient than a larger one, with everything within handy reach. Start by decluttering and organising your drawers and cupboards then try these simple design tricks to make the most of your space.
Play with colour
Try painting the walls and the cabinets the same colour to trick the eye into erasing any physical boundaries, so the room looks bigger. The safe choice is a neutral palette of creams and off-whites, which will reflect the light – but don’t be afraid to go darker.
Navy is very on-trend and charcoal grey has a timeless elegance that’s hard to beat. Both will actually create the impression they’re receding – add a mirrored splashback and LED lights underfloor and wall cabinets for instant glamour.
Keep it sleek
Do away with any fussy ornamentation and keep your design sleek and minimal. Recess storage if possible and bleed into a larger room to borrow light and space. Sleek, clean lines give a greater impression of space, while irregular nooks make a great place for dining – using built-in storage benches for seating is a smart use of space.
Try under mounting your sink, or invest in a worktop that incorporates the sink for a streamlined look. An induction hob sits virtually flush with the worktop to give an uninterrupted visual flow, but if you prefer gas, invest in a hob cover to maximise your worktop space.
Open up
With a little imagination, anywhere in your kitchen can be used for storage. Ends of cupboards? Add heavy duty hooks and hang your pans. Wall space above a countertop? Open shelving looks smart, modern and is very practical. A hanging rack on the ceiling or behind your hob can accommodate kitchen implements and favourite pans.
Create a cart
Just because you don’t have space for a kitchen island, doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a kitchen cart on casters. Storage, worktop and even a breakfast bar in one, a kitchen cart can be easily created from an old kitchen cabinet or boot sale find. It’s worth its weight in gold and will wheel out of the way when you’re finished in the kitchen.
Keep it in proportion
It’s actually easy to repurpose a windowsill or the edge of a worktop as a breakfast bar by adding a narrow board and slimline stools. The key to getting the look right is to keep everything in proportion from narrow tables to streamlined chairs. Keep furniture light so it doesn’t clutter the space and you’ll create the look you want without sacrificing style.
Use glass
Keep window treatments to the bare minimum to allow natural light to flood the space. Replace light fittings with energy efficient LEDs and use them inside drawers and under cupboards. You could even add a dramatic element like a chandelier for visual interest. Think about replacing the solid doors of your wall cupboards with glazed ones to give that light and airy look and feel that makes even the most compact kitchens feel spacious.

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