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Top reasons to relocate to Spain

Spain Costa Blanca

Spain is a wonderful country to visit, with exceptional food, gorgeous scenery and fascinating culture. Many people go there in summer when it’s hot and crowded with holidaymakers, but winter is a brilliant time to visit, with fewer people and cooler temperatures which allow you to do more than simply sit by the pool.

Which is the best Spanish location for you

Whether you are looking for a break in holiday homes or lodges, or prefer a relaxing holiday in a static caravan, Spain’s varied regions and towns have a lot to offer the winter visitor. And even in winter, the weather in Spain can still be quite lovely, with clear sunny days and crisp evenings which are perfect for a great meal with a glass of Rioja.

As Spain is quite a large country, the weather in the northern part is likely to be a bit cloudier with possibly more rain, but in the south, it is likely to be sunny and mild. Just make sure you have a sturdy pair of shoes and a warm outer jacket and you should be prepared for whatever comes along. But even in January, the weather in areas such as Andalusia is quite mild and compared to places like Scandinavia, Spain hardly gets chilly at all.

This means visiting Spain during winter for a relaxing holiday in a static caravan is definitely a good idea, and you could organise a trip to view our different static caravan parks around the country to get a taste of the different flavours of Spanish life.

Things to do and see

As there are fewer tourists, winter is a great time for breaks in holiday homes and lodges in cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. The Spanish capital offers many attractions, such as the world-class Prado gallery, and looking at magnificent Goyas or Velazquez portraits will be much more enjoyable when there are fewer people and it isn’t boiling hot. Near Barcelona lies the wonderful monastery of Montserrat, which will be much more rewarding to explore in cooler weather.

Andalusia has many charming towns and sites for static caravans. If you are interested in sherry, then a visit to Jerez is definitely in order, and in this region, you are not far from wonderful destinations such as Cadiz or Cordoba. Granada is another charming city, where you can visit the magnificent Alhambra, and exploring these delightful gardens is very pleasant in winter when you will have a lot more energy. Seville is also an alluring city, which is searingly hot even as early as May, and will offer much to enjoy during winter.

If you enjoy skiing then Spain also offers that in its northern Pyrenees region, where the mountains are home to around 30 stunning ski resorts. Spain also offers many spas and thermal bathing opportunities, and in Rioja – home to Spain’s most famous type of wine – there is even a wine spa.

When it comes to eating in Spain, you have everything from Michelin star cuisine to friendly local restaurants, and the food varies from one province to another.

Need help finding your new holiday home?

If you need help in finding holiday homes, static caravans or even relocating abroad, our friendly staff are always here to help. There are many pros of caravan ownership and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates, the latest mobile home availability and Facebook Lives.

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