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Can I Live Permanently in a Caravan in France?

Chef Boutonne France (5)

France is famed for its exquisite cuisine, romantic ambience, and cultural richness. While the charm of the Eiffel Tower and the allure of its vineyards are known to many, there’s a unique way of experiencing the French dream – living permanently in a static caravan or mobile home. The question then arises: Is it feasible?

At Caravans in the Sun, we offer a solution that combines the comfort of home with the magic of French landscapes.

Static Caravans and Mobile Homes: A Modern Alternative

Before diving into the details, it’s vital to understand what we’re discussing. Unlike traditional caravans, static caravans and mobile homes are stationary structures designed for long-term living. They are spacious, well-equipped, and built to be as comfortable as a traditional home, but with the added advantage of being nestled in some of the most scenic locations France has to offer.

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Living the French Dream: Your Options

We’ve curated eight beautiful parks across various regions in France, each with its own charm:

Chef Boutonne Dive deep into the rural charm of France. While the park remains open for 11 months, owners can access their homes all year round, making it a near-permanent residence.

Charente Situated in a region known for its cognac and Renaissance architecture, our park is open throughout the year. Visit as often as you wish or make it your forever home.

Le Touquet A seaside resort, Le Touquet offers sandy beaches and lively markets. The site is accessible for all 12 months, allowing you the freedom to embrace coastal living year-round.

Combourg Experience the historical Brittany region from March 30th to October 31st. With its medieval architecture, it’s a step back in time.

Mauron – In the heart of Brittany, Mauron offers a blend of history and natural beauty. The park is open throughout the year, making it a potential home base for many.

La Baule – Recognized for one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe, La Baule provides a serene setting. And yes, it’s open 12 months a year!

Périgueux North Nestled in the Dordogne region, known for its medieval towns and castles. Residents have all-year access, ensuring they never miss out on the magic.

Vendee A coastal paradise with long stretches of beaches and a sunny climate. Just like most of our parks, Vendee is open for all 12 months.

For a detailed look at each park and to envision your potential new home, visit our parks page.

Var, South Of France (43)

Key Considerations

While the idea of living permanently in a static caravan in France is enticing, there are aspects to keep in mind:

Legal Implications: France has regulations around residency, taxes, and property ownership. Before considering a permanent move, it’s crucial to understand these nuances.

Lifestyle Adjustment: Living in a static caravan or mobile home park offers a unique lifestyle. There’s a sense of community, closer proximity to nature, and potentially fewer urban amenities.

Duration: While many of our parks are open year-round, some have seasonal restrictions. It’s essential to choose one that aligns with your living preferences.

Living permanently in a static caravan in France isn’t just a dream; it’s a tangible reality with Caravans in the Sun. Embrace a unique way of life that combines the comforts of home with the enchantment of France. Join us, and let’s redefine living!

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